Recommended Xk core anki deck

Hey all. I was thinking about picking up one of those Core Vocab anki decks to add to my regimen, as I hear a lot of people talk about going through their core 2k/6k/10k decks. Before I commit to one, though, I wanted to get some opinions on them- Have they worked for you, which deck is your preferred one, etc.

So, what’s your opinion on the 2k/6k/10k anki decks?

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You could always check out @hinekidori’s deck on Anki or Kitsun.

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I would recommend the Core 10K deck, but then maybe used in a different way than what you migh originally intended.

Going from word 1 until 10K sounded like a huge task, so I started by suspending all the cards, and gradually unsuspended only the ones that I was seeing in any other of my resources. First was Genki, any vocab it was presented in the chapter I unsuspended the correspondant card in the deck, adding the whole SRS thing. Then gradually I started reading, and also, any new word, I save it, and then I unsuspended that vocab card on the deck.

That way I only was reviewing new words that had some context, at least for me. Sometimes the card in the Core10k had a sentence using a different meaning of the same word, so that was a plus too, I got 2 for 1 :hugs:

After some levels in WK I activated all vocab comming from WK too; maybe not necessary, but that got me to see some clear example sentence from the words presented in WK, and let me realize if any word was maybe a bit obscure or not that common.

Anyway, that’s my take on using a premade deck :man_shrugging: … I mean someone did all that great work… so you might use it to your advantage but maybe more oriented to your needs.
I might edit sometimes some cards too, adding extra meaning maybe or changing the provided image for a more clear depiction of the word… but in any case is much less effort than going from scratch.

By the way I got this one , as I’ve seen some more “bare bones” version of it.


Definitely 10K as it includes all of them. It doesn’t matter if you only do 2k out of 10k, but if you started with 2k and went to 4k for instance, I think you have to start over and then you doing the original 2k + 2k (that is what I am guessing any way)[unless you doing hinekidori split incremental decks - or another incremental deck]. Where as if you have 10k you have full lot and you can go at any pace you want.

But as for 10K I would also to recommend the decks created by hinekidori (who is a part of this community and the decks are high quality) kitsun deck, but if not the anki deck he originally created is also great and it can be found here - It also has split decks - which i am guessing is 1k per deck.

I use the core 10k wk breakdown deck by @hinekidori with some tweaked intervals to suit my personal needs. I think I used the link below (almost sure… It was while ago)

I recommend it, but as previous posters have mentioned you need some type of filtering and gradually release more and more cards. There’s simply too many of them. Often 1000+ per level. But the cards are all taged in various ways (including by wk level), so this shouldn’t be a problem. I would definitly go with the 10k rather than any other “k”.

The beauty of a huge deck is that (and again I’m just reiterating what previous posters have mentioned), if you find a vocab in the wild, chances are bigger that you will find it in your deck. Then you can, if you like, just let it skip the line and start reviewing it asap. Doesn’t matter how uncommon it is or what kanji it uses.

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