Wanikani levels in anki


Does someone kows if there are individual levels available to put inside anki. I know that there are decks out there, but anki direcrly throws everything at you, which can be a little bit frustrating.
For example, I want to put lv1 in anki practice that and then later all the kanji of 2 and etc… etc…


Should be able to export individual levels using https://wanikanitoanki.com


I would say the way to do this is use some existing deck that has tags for each level. I‘m guessing most of them do, at least all that I remember.
Either that or you use an existing one and then import a csv that you created with e.g. the exporter linked above. The first column should be the expression that is already used in the existing cards and one column should contain the level and you would import it as „tags“ so that you add the level tag info to your existing cards. You have to use the option that doesn’t create new cards when an existing one has the same expression. This is btw also how I added WK level info to my existing core deck.

Then you start by suspending all your cards in that deck. Every time you want to enable a level you select the cards with that tag and unsuspend them.

Edit: you could in theory also import the level information as a field instead of a tag. Then you sort your cards by that field and reschedule them. And then you set this deck to show new cards not randomly. That way you would be getting them ordered by level, not „throwing everything at you at once“.


I put together a Core 10k deck separated by WaniKani level a while ago you may find useful. I used the sub-deck feature to feed it in order of level.

[10k WK Breakdown]


If you use subdecks instead of tags you’ll run into the issue of being at e.g. level 13 and wanting all your items to be reviewable in a random order since it would be too easy otherwise. I don’t think you can do that with subdecks, that’s why I think tags are the usually preferred way to do this.

For some reason Anki also complains about too many subdecks but I also just ignore that warning and move on :wink:


I agree with you actually. I just mention subdecks because usings tags is a barrier for some.

I personally have the whole deck suspended and open the content up a level at a time as needed using the tags.


Oh, true! I remember very well how overwhelming Anki can be in the beginning. I still have not bothered looking into filtered decks for example. Gotta stop somewhere and actually learn Japanese instead… :slight_smile: