Question about とし

I ran into とし 〔格助詞「と」に副助詞「し」の付いたもの〕a couple of weeks ago and actually got an explanation but It’s been going around my mind for some time. Here’s the sentence:


That とし is described by my dictionary as a stronger version of と. Can anyone clear this up for me? Does it work in every sense of the と particle or just like this one?
I only got one definition from 大辞林, but maybe I’m being paranoid…

Pretty sure this し is just the stem of する, and so the less formal way to write this would be つけようとして. So that’s one thing going on, you can use the stem for connecting sentences, if you weren’t aware.

Is this grammar you’re familiar with? ~ようとする (to try to [verb])

I’m not really familiar with the とし you are referring to, but this is just a different thing.


If you have a BunPro account, it’s this item:


Ah yes, that makes sense. I know the grammar point, and I (internally?) chalked it up to that, actually, because the explanation I got didn’t really make sense. I just wasn’t sure. Thank you!

Thank you for pointing it out. Fortunately, I actually know the point already! I just got confused

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Lmao yeah those renyoukei swap into stuff you’ll see as te form 99% of the time always trip ya up the first time you see it. I got confused for a second the first time I saw にとり rather than にとって

Yeah, that was literally the first time I’d seen it in renyoukei and I tend to second guess every single new thing I see because you never know in Japanese.

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