Meaning of し in this sentence

Hi, I’m participating in the Read every day challenge. I recently bought Fruits Basket from Amazon Japan, and I’ve hit what is sure to be the first of many many questions.


Specifically my question is about the し in 亡くし

Is this the verb stem of 亡くす? Is the し linking something? Something simple that I’m overlooking?

Thanks in advance!

I think it is likely the verb stem of 亡くす, which in formal speech acts just like the て-form. So to your second question, it is probably linking to the next text bubble. If you write up the next text bubble or post a picture of the whole page it would be easier to confirm.

EDIT: I just checked the preview on Amazon and I think it’s what I described above.


し can also be used to end sentences or an explanation, implying that there are other reasons than the one you’ve stated. In this sense, you could compare it to the use of とか when used as (among other things.)

彼女?!時間がないし… Girlfriend?! I don’t have time for that( among other reasons ).

リンゴとか、食べたいんですか - Do you want to eat something like an apple?

Keep in mind there’s multiple uses for し and とか, but I’m also still learning those so I don’t know how to explain.


It’s probably the formal conjunctive used on the verb 亡くす. This is one of the grammar points in Tobira chapter 1 and primarily used in writing or formal speech. I think it also shows how highly Tohru thinks of her mom.

Thought I would add this, so you can look it up later.

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Have you checked out the book club pages? I bet some of your questions are also answered there:

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