How many reviews do you do a day on average?

Im almost 3 months in on lv 6 now. The amount of reviews in the morning and night is starting to get a little overwhelming. I’ve come to realize thats because im doing them so they go back into the mix and come back later (e.g. i could just STOP doing as many and it would chill out a bit)

In the morning now its about 100 reviews and over the course of the day i probably do the same.

How many does everyone else face daily?

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Well, it won’t get less …

you mean stop doing reviews or stop doing lessons? don’t do the former, this isn’t the intended use of the srs.
i assume you are doing your reviews every day, so it’s most likely your accuracy that is putting them back into the apprentice stack.
it’s difficult to improve accuracy and what works for some doesn’t work for others, but are you really trying to internalize the mnemonics? they carry over from radical to kanji to vocab.
if your loss of accuracy is mostly due to typos or other small mistakes, but you actually know the reading/meaning, then i would recommend the double check script.


I usually do my reviews only once per day and at those times I commonly get 80-120 reviews.
My rate of new items has been 10 new items each day which has felt quite comfortable for me.


Depending on how disciplined I am with my Reviews, I do around 200-300 a day (over the course of the whole day ofc). If you ever get in a loop where you can’t do your reviews for more than a day. I would recommend you to activate the vacation mode. Otherwise your reviews will stack up into the 400-500 region. Seeing such a high number might be dicouraging to keep going.
Had a case where i was getting a small surgery. Couldn’t to my reviews, due to lack of concentration, for 3 days. Had 650 Reviews piled up. Was though getting back on track.

I’m on level 12. I do all my reviews every day, and can have between 60-150 ish a day

I tend to keep my apprentice items to around 50 and that usually yields anywhere from 60-100 reviews a day.

And I typically only do a max of 10-20 reviews in any 1 hour period. Spreading them out over the day also means they don’t bunch up down the line. This fits in with my work obligations and means I don’t have to cram a ton of reviews in when I get home from work in the evening.

In my earlier stages of using wanikani I typically had my apprentice items hovering around 100 but over time I found that was leading to too many reviews which then resulted in me not wanting to do them.

My current approach works much better for me. It’s not a race, it’s a learning exercise.


I try to do all my reviews in during the day, but nothing after 11 pm. I have between 150 and 180 reviews a day i think. More when i just did new kanji lessons because i mostly mess them up the first time the appear in the reviews :sweat_smile:

About 150-200, and I try to do about 15 lessons a day, fewer for kanji, more for radicals. I also take a pretty relaxed attitude towards ‘correct’ so my apprentice items stay around 100, but I’ll put in extra leech work if things get really out of hand. I also use the self-study quiz to help when I have fresh kanji. I do reviews at least three times a day and the smaller the review set, the better I do, generally. Sometimes I’ll get a big batch of burns or a day with very few and that pushes my number of reviews around.

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Depends on whether Burn reviews come back to bite my bum, but assuming they don’t, it’s under 100 reviews daily. If that happens, I guess the number’s more into 150 or so.

I’m always curious though how do people around level 10 get stacks of 100-200 reviews daily :sweat_smile:.

I checked my schedule for the next days and it’s between 80 and 150 reviews daily, assuming I don’t mess up or add anything new.

What is your accuracy? I don’t know what the sweet spot is, but I find if I am too ambitious, and do too many lessons my accuracy drops off. Partly this might be because my brain can only cope with so much info, but is also partly because I only have limited windows of time to give, so if I have too many reviews they end up being rushed, or pushed to the end of the day.

My thinking is that if your accuracy drops “too low” the ratio of time-spent-on-reviews to kanji-learned becomes less favourable. You are better off, especially if you aren’t desperate to speed run through, trying to do few enough lessons that your review count is manageable and your accuracy rate is “better” (I suspect the number here is a matter of personal preference, I wouldn’t want to say you have to be getting x% right or you are going so fast, especially given how early I am in my own journey!).

I know I couldn’t do 200 reviews a day, my accuracy would fall, I’d have no opportunity for other learning, it would stop being fun and become a grind for me etc etc. For me my sweet spot is maybe around 75, that means keeping my apprentice hovering around thirty, which in turn means doing a batch of five lessons a day on weekdays. I do more at weekends and let my apprentice count go up depending on what else I’ve got going on. I am on a super slow track and that probably isn’t right for everyone, but I know it is right for me right now, and I think it is sustainable in the long term.


200-300 depending on mood.

About 200 a day.


Early in the level when I have all the apprentice and all my leeches pop in, I can have like up to 500 reviews. I think the most I did was like 600 but I didnt skip a day btw, it just my apprentices can get high (like my apprentice went from 325 to like 65)

When in mid of the levels it goes down back to like 300
And then in the late of the level it goes back down to like 200

now I will try to take some time to clear my leeches to endure a bit more lol

Because I had the bad habits of learning all the new vocab at the start of the level.

Im suprised I can still do that many and I still have time to do immersions daily, while I also work my 8h per day like everyone

Seconded. I use this same method. :+1:

I do about 100-150 reviews per day. Once in a while it goes up to maybe 170, but I’ve never been higher to my knowledge. I do reviews as they become available, sometimes every hour.

I usually do 15-20 vocab or 10-15 kanji a day. When I level up (I just did so yesterday to lv 56), I take 2-3 days off and restart. It takes me about 8-9 days to make it through to the next level.


On average I have 130-150 reviews a day. Highest ever was around 200. Anything above 170 only happens when I am to tired to finish all reviews in the evening, and then they add up the next day.

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According to the StatKani site:

  • I average 150 reviews a day
  • I level up every 14 days

I keep my Apprentice pile between 90 and 100 items. The number of lessons I do per day varies but I think that it is probably usually around 10 or 15.


154 apparently, done over as many batches as I can create

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