PSA: You can use scripts and extensions with Opera as well

Let me know if you want instructions and my list of what I’m using. I wasn’t using these for a long time since everyone always mentions Firefox and Chrome, so I thought it was impossible, but it’s actually fairly easy to do and it makes WaniKani into a totally different experience.



Did you use TamperMonkey (script manager)?

TamperMonkey exists for pretty much every browser now, including Opera. I think the only reason Opera isn’t mentioned is because the percentage of users is so small. Same thing with Internet Explorer these days.

Yes, I used TamperMonkey for the scripts. Also, there is a way to include Chrome Extensions, like WaniKanify. You just have to get “Download Chrome Extension” from the Opera addons store.

What I use through TamperMonkey:
Wanikani Dashboard Progress Plus
Wanikani Golden Burn
WaniKani Katakana Madness
WaniKani Lesson Ordering II
WaniKani Level Duration
WaniKani Mistake Delay
Wanikani Override
WaniKani Real Numbers
WaniKani Similar Kanji
WaniKani Stroke Order
WaniKani Ultimate Timeline
WK But No Cigar

You can get all of these on the TamperMonkey web site.

So, whoever is using Opera, dont worry, you can use all of these!!! It is easy too, I was worried it’s very complicated, but it’s actually really user friendly. And it makes WaniKani so much more pleasant

I had no idea about this! You’ve just made me very happy sob

Yay another Opera user! You can also use Violentmonkey for scripts but I haven’t found that one is better than the other (but maybe you know more than me and can tell the difference?)

You can also get Rikaikun which is very useful at times, just search the extensions and it should pop up.

I really miss using the mouse shortcuts for back and forward… Opera was lovely… Also way back when, it was the first browser I had with tabs…
But Firefox is great too… And Canadian.

Then you need a mouse with forward and back buttons! I can hardly remember what life was like before I got mine. :slight_smile:

TamperMonkey works well with Microsoft Edge too.

I’ve used several of the scripts here with success.

Out of curiosity, does Edge have any advantages over the other main browsers? I’m not very familiar with it. I think I’ve only ever run it once, mainly to test the speed of its Javascript engine (Chrome is still the reigning champion for that benchmark).

It’s not Chrome! :slight_smile:

My home laptop is quite Spartan in terms of the software installed and so Edge is my only browser on it (also the case with my tablet.) It’s quite rare for me to run into an issue because I’m using it instead of other browsers TBH.

If I have to identify an advantage over other browsers though, I think it would have to be that it runs in an Appx container which means that its resources are more isolated from win32 applications. Also, Chrome can’t squirrel away usage data out of it.

Yeah, default settings on many browsers have too much data-snatching (also, Windows 10 is terrible about that by default). But as long as you can understand how the settings work, which are not always clear, data-snatching can be turned off in most browsers.

I know Edge was much better for Javascript speed than IE, so that’s a big plus. Some websites are so bogged down with ad and tracking plugins that every bit of Javascript speed you can muster is a good thing. Not that I spend much time on such sites, other than for news. But I have custom userscripts for stripping out the junk.

lynx FTW 

wow… it’s been a long time since I’ve used Lynx!
… back when the web didn’t have graphics yet.
Or rather, when ‘graphics’ meant ascii art.

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