Reminder: Tampermonkey/scripts will stop working in Chrome starting January 2023

Title. Starting January 2023, Google Chrome is switching from Manifest V2 to Manifest V3 which kills various types of extensions, including script ones. This seemingly also affects Chromium-based browsers like Opera, Brave, Edge…

Chrome’s Article about the transition to V3
2019 article about what Manifest V3 means to script extensions like Tampermonkey
Sept. 26: Mental Outlaw recap and what to do video

Not sure if there’ll be any bypass. If there are not, we may all have to start using Firefox for our WaniKani lessons.


this is terrible news i didn’t know about… well time to go back to my firefox days! :fox_face:

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I’ve read that the Chrome team said they’re planning to support “power users” who want to run scripts with extensions like Tampermonkey, but it doesn’t look like they’ve actually got around to implementing anything for that yet in MV3. Hopefully that will change in the next couple of months!


I thought I’d be fine on edge, hopefully they change this or I may have to make a switch to Firefox…

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totally haven’t been using firefox as my main browser for years at this point
It does suck for the people who have used a chromium-based browser for a while though, changing browsers isn’t the easiest thing.


Wow, thank God I reached level 60 before 2023


I have always used Firefox, so far so good :grin:


I have too haha