Installing scripts for ~absolute idiots~?

Hi! I’ve been using WaniKani daily for a while now and am chugging my way through level 6. I went to Japan to visit some musician friends about a year ago and fell in love with it over there and decided I needed to commit to learning the language so I could go back frequently and dig deeper than I could otherwise. I run a small cassette label (I’m based in the USA) and primarily work with Japanese musicians and the thought of being able to go back and communicate that much better with them in the future is worth this massive undertaking.

A few days ago I learned about scripts for WaniKani and got really excited. The massive list contained a bunch of these that seemed like they’d make my learning a lot more efficient and productive. However - I just cannot figure out how to make them work. I, like, know how to use a computer. I asked my roommate and his girlfriend, both proficient coders, to help, and they couldn’t figure it out either. I’ve been through multiple guides online to figure this out but there’s just something that is not clicking. I downloaded TamperMonkey and it just doesn’t seem to be doing anything. I’m using Chrome on a Macbook Pro, nothing out of the ordinary.

The scripts I was trying to download are Katakana Madness, Keisei Phonetic-Semantic Composition and Judgment Day but I’m sure there are more I’ll want to download once I figure this out.

Thanks to anyone that can help!!!


have you tried this?

many people re-explain before their scripts as well

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Yes and thanks, I went through that walkthrough several times before, all is well until it shows me how to make edits. I don’t think I need to and wouldn’t know what to edit or how to if I thought I did? But there seems to be a step I’m missing between “installing the scripts” and them actually working…

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I believe that tampermonkey will start ‘off’ by default? Make sure it’s enabled:

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alright then. i’m not particularly great with these things and i had no trouble at all.

i’m on chrome.

you need tamper or grease monkey first
then you need to install the open framework
when you go to any script after this, once you clcik on it, then click install, it should just appear in your list


it’s only 3 steps really.

but do post your configuration and someone will help!

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The Open Framework doesn’t even seem to be required for these three scripts, so that step can even be skipped here. In that case it should just boil down to installing tampermonkey or greasemonkey (or whatever monkey-based userscript manager you want) and installing the scripts.

I did notice that you list Judgement Day as one of the scripts, and it appears to be outdated. @Kumirei will probably know more about that. You could try disabling it for now and see if the other scripts work without it.


that’s kinda funny! your punishment shall be: “no scripts for you!”

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I had the same issue as I am not familiar with userscripts or programming. I guess the step you are missing is taking a look at all the scripts you have installed and putting the FrameWork First.
Here is my (probably complicated way). I click on the tamper monkey symbol and then on “Searching for new script”. Tamper Monkey opens and you can find a tab there called something like “Installed userscripts” (my browser language is German, sorry).
The Wanikani Open Framework has to be number 1 and active:

After that you can find all your scripts on Wanikani:

I hope I could help you.


Yep, I believe I discontinued that script when they made the big buttons which already judge you on their own. @karissatalanian Judgement Day probably doesn’t work either way. I should remove that from the big list


OP can you be a bit more specific? What are you expecting to see that you are not seeing?

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just noticed it’s their first time posting!

WELCOME!!! @karissatalanian

they’re probably not expecting help that fast lol!


You already listed it under the outdated section there, so I think you should be fine, although there are some forum posts that link directly to the GreasyFork page, which is probably why some people might miss out on that.

The poor lesson crabigator gets swarmed with durtles whenever I hit a new level, so it’s definitely judging you. :grin:

I just tested, and the Judgement Day script is essentially does nothing now, although it doesn’t seem to be interfering with any of the other scripts I have installed. So that wouldn’t explain why the other two aren’t working.

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I think I figured it out! I deleted the script that someone said didn’t work and installed the open framework script and made it priority #1. now they’re working!!

i do have this warning message on my tampermonkey widget - is there something i should do about this?

and yes this was my first post :slight_smile: sorry it was such a lame one. i’ve lurked around these boards for a while but have kept to myself til now, haha. i really appreciate everyone’s kind help here!


oops -

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Do you have the extension set to run on all websites all the time? I feel like that warning might happen when you limit the extension in your browser settings. Not sure though.

woohoo! and now time to install some more!

i suggest reorder ultimate, heatmap, stroke order if you like to write, pitch info if you’re interested in pitch ( i appear to somehow have installed 28 just for reviews…)

The dashboard and ultimate timeline are really nice as well

in case you have not been there yet

your stats are here: wkstats
and you can make a pretty background here:


I would recommend Self Study Quiz instead of Burn Reviews. The latter isn’t maintained anymore

Your work sounds cool. Have you got a website or online presence? Would love to check out your label. I work in performance and sound curating in the UK, and am also learning Japanese to make visiting and scouting Japanese performance art more accessible directly. Plus, obvs am hooked on the culture and language. Would love to see what you do and listen to some of the artists on board.

hi! sorry for the late reply!

i run a record label called eye vybe records and focus on the psychedelic/experimental community around japan. i started by releasing a live album by one of my all time favorite bands a few years ago - acid mothers temple - and have since released almost a couple dozen albums for them and their members and others in their community. their new frontman, jyonson tsu, and i have become good friends and i’ve been having a blast working closely with him to get his incredible solo works out there. i booked a three week US tour for him back in may and was supposed to accompany him on drums, but, um, well, y’know what happened…

i went to japan last winter (a year ago next week!) to visit all these friends and see them play, it was a truly mind blowing experience. getting to see acid mothers temple play their annual showcase in nagoya and then taking the train with them to hikone to explore hikone castle and party in a traditional ryokan for the next couple days was an experience i’ll never forget (and will hopefully be able to do again…!!!)

you can check out the tunes at !!!

so in short i’m here so the next time i go to japan i can talk to my friends haha :slight_smile:

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