Help installing scripts (again)

Hi there,

I installed several Wanikani add-ons last year on my laptop and all of them are still working. However, I recently tried to install them again on my desktop computer but none of them seem to work. Here’s the sequence of the steps I followed:

  1. I installed Tampermonkey in Chrome
  2. Installed Wanikani Open Framework
  3. Installed Wanikani Ultimate Timeline

I’m attaching a picture of Tampermonkey’s dashboard. As far as I know, I’ve done everything I am supposed to do. Could somebody please tell me why Ultimate Timeline doesn’t appear? I’ve uninstalled Tampermonkey and repeated this process two times at least. I’m a bit desperated!

Thanks in advance!

Can you go to the WaniKani dashboard, open the console (Ctrl+Shift+J should work on Chrome), and take a screenshot of the warnings and errors?

Yep. Here it is.

No warnings or errors. Can you check if Tampermonkey is active and Open Framework and Ultimate Timeline are running?

This is what I have:

Do you have any other browser extensions installed, like an ad blocker? Maybe they remove the timeline. Otherwise, I’m running out of ideas.

I had AdBlock, but I have uninstalled it and the scripts don’t work either.

I realised about something, though. I work with Chrome both in my desktop computer and my laptop. I wonder if the changes I make on Chrome in my laptop affect Chrome in my desktop computer and viceversa. Of course, if I make any change on the bookmark it will affect Chrome no matter which device I use. I had realised about that long ago. I’m not sure if it’s the same with browser extensions.

Then, I also realised that my Adblock on the laptop wasn’t active in Wanikani. However, after uninstalling AdBlock on my desktop computer, it disappeared from my laptop. Installing scripts on my laptop didn’t install scripts on my desktop computer. This is very confusing.

In short, I did the very same steps on my laptop and desktop computer again and I have scripts on my laptop and not on my desktop computer.

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

I will try later installing the scripts in Mozilla Firefox on my desktop computer…