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I apologize if I am misunderstanding what the level number on my profile (also shown on the icon for my user avatar next to my comments) is supposed to represent. But if it is for my progress using WaniKani, it seems there is a bug. The WaniKani webapp has me at level 19, but my community profile shows level 15. Are these levels separate? And, if so, how do I level up my community profile? :smiley:

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Logging out of the forum and logging back in will fix it.


@Leebo: Oddly, logging out, logging back in, and navigating back to the community (logging in took me to my dashboard) didn’t fix it…but reloading the page after that did. Probably a caching issue on my end. Thank you again! <3 <3

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Has something about this changed recently? Lately I’ve had to sign out/back in after pretty much every level. Maybe I just never really paid attention?


@MosbyNeko: I would say that it seemed to update for me at least up until I hit level 15 (which is where it “stuck” here a short while ago), so maybe…but the more likely explanation is that I signed in using this browser last when I was that level, and I’ve been logged in here since. :slight_smile:

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