Hmmm WaniKani Says I'm Level 4, My Avatar Says 3


Something seems to be out of sync between my WaniKani level (4 since yesterday) and the little level indicator next to my profile picture here. Do I need to do something to fix?


That happens occasionally. If you log out of the forums explicitly and log back in, it should sync up again.


I thought I have to complete a level for my profile to show the new level status, ie in WK I am doing level 6 but my profile is level 5 status.


Alternatively, if you’re like me and you can’t remember your passwords, you don’t have to log out and in again - eventually the community forum will reflect your true level. The longest it’s taken for me is about 10 days.

I don’t know exactly what causes it, but if you can level up in under 10 days, it makes it seem as though you’ve actually skipped a level. It’s a funny trick :rofl:


This happened to poor @polv once upon a time when they hit level 60 and the forum continued to say they were level 59 for a long while.


This happened once to me. It seemed to fix itself after I did some lessons for whatever reason.