Community level number not updating

I’ve been Level 31 for almost 10 days now, but community still shows me at level 30. Is this normal, or is there a some thing that triggers updating WKC profile from WK?

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Forum can be a bit sluggish to notice you’ve levelled up. Try logging out and back in again.


Well, it shows 31 now :slight_smile:

I notice that for me, it doesn’t go up until I pass the level. Like I am on level 18 now, but it says 17 here. When I pass level 18 that’s when it’ll update here to say 18. Seems kind of weird to not show the level I’m at and instead show only the level I’ve completed.

Turns out you need to relog to community again. I use community through web app so it doesn’t really expire.


Actually it’s slightly different (but logging out fixes it in any case). I‘ve documented it here: