Prioritize Vocabulary?

Hey, I’ve reached level 6 ! Happy me !

But over time I picked up many items that don’t seem to stick to my brain, even some kanji ! :scream:

So I settled for a threshold of 150 items in the apprentice frequency, and stopped learning new kanji until I can make room for them.

But now there is new vocabulary from old kanji (lv5) stuck behind learning new kanji (lv6) ! I don’t want to rush through levels by prioritizing kanji and letting the vocabulary pile up.

Is there a way to learn the unlocked vocabulary first ? Or is it a bad idea and I should keep kanji first ? Maybe having 150 items on the apprentice level is clearly not enough ?

Thanks for your time and help :grin:


This userscript will let you pick what lessons you want to see first:

I usually learn the radicals and kanji for a new level right away, then go and do the vocabulary in the regular order. Right now I have a lot of vocab to catch up on though, so I’m actually following the prescribed order until I’m back on track.


This is a great idea. You will find in these forums the stories of many people who delayed vocabulary to prioritize kanji. They dug themselves in a hole with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of unlearned vocabulary lessons. This is the price to pay for ignoring the wisdom of what you sayed.

The lessons filter script mentioned by @tommyboi does what you want. But you can do it without scripts. Wanikani has a setting for the lesson ordering. The default is to order by level then by subject. This means you will complete the vocabulary from the previous level before you do the radical and kanji of your current level.


Thanks both of you !

Prouleau : I was not aware of this setting, thanks, it will really help me to limit the number of new review

tommyboi : With this script i can even lear the lv6 new vocab (that oonly uses lv5 kanji) before the new kanji ^^ !

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There’s also [Userscript]: Reorder Ultimate 2 [newest]
I wont do anything in my newly unlocked level until I’ve done everything from the last. Then, I go vocab first, then radicals, and finally get to kanji. It just makes sense to me to do vocab first, since its meant to reinforce the kanji I’ve already seen.


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