WaniKani messed up?

Is it just me? For the first 8 levels things were mixed up and
I never knew what I would get in my lessons.
Then at level 9 my lessons changed. Now I get all the radicals,
followed by the kanji and then 100+ vocab words in order.
Honestly it is now boring as hell wading through the vocab words
at the end and adding them to Anki, learning them etc and it takes me a month
to level now. This is killing me!

If you go in your settings, you can change how lessons are ordered. I believe the options are “Shuffled” (random), Ascending Level by Type (what you probably have now) and Ascending Level Shuffled (randomly selected lessons from your current level first).


This was changed recently that you don’t have to wade through 100 vocab to reach that one radical you need for leveling up if you are unlucky.

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