Printable vocab test software

I’m writing myself a little program to create printable tests for myself to take (see images). The data is in a csv file, and I am manually adding each level’s vocabulary words to the csv file for the program to read and generate tests for myself. The list of each level’s vocab words are also shuffled each time you create another test, so I don’t start memorizing the order they are in.

If anybody wants to download this for themselves to use, let me know, and I will upload it once I am finished with it, probably in a day or two.



Not sure if I will use it, but I’m sure there will be someone in the future who will want to use it :wink:
Looks pretty cool!

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If you want you may use Item Inspector export feature to generate the csv data.


This would be nice, I want to write too.
i did find a website that follows the WK levels, but I forget the link doh
That is only for the kanji, but still, usefull.


Helpful, thank you!

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I just think it will help me hammer them into memory better. Remembering them by radicals is definitely easier than when I used to try and memorize the individual strokes though lol.

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