Printable JLPT N5 Lists

I’m using WaniKani for kanji and the Living Language audio course for everything else to learn Japanese at the moment. I started learning Japanese just because I love the language, but I’ve figured why not get accredited through JLPT N5 for all my efforts?

As such, I want to start targeted learning that will get me through all the required N5 material, including kanji, grammar points and vocab, but I want to stick to my current resources rather than forking over more money right now. All I need is a printable (ideally PDF) list of all the different things we need to learn for the N5, to allow me to maintain a physical checklist to keep me oriented towards my goal. Does anyone know where I can find such a thing?

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The printable PDF on this site is something you have to pay for, but you can just as easily copy and paste text off the website. The table gets copied with its formatting. You’ll have all the grammar points after a bit of scrolling and copying. There are probably some kanji lists or vocabulary lists elsewhere on the internet, but I don’t know where exactly. Try the other JLPT prep sites.

Oh yes, as @seanblue says below, there isn’t an official list for any of the JLPT levels anymore, so just use these things as an indication of what you probably need to know.

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There is no definitive list of vocabulary needed for any JLPT level, but you can get approximations from various places. One such place is, as they have many search criteria, including N5 words. Keep in mind however, that many of these resources also have mistakes or at least bad assumptions. For example, jisho says that the word 綺麗 is N5. Indeed the word is very common and it wouldn’t be strange for it to show up on the N5 test. However, it would likely show up in kana as きれい (or worst case with furigana), because the kanji aren’t learned until later. But jisho doesn’t indicate that in any way.


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