At what level should I be at to pass N5

I know you should have learnt about 300 kanji and 1500 words to be able to pass N5. But at which level do I need to be at to know all of that? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Thank you!


At around level 16 you should be good with kanji, however this doesn’t count vocab and grammar, and listening skills of course :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:


It depends on your accuracy

On rfindley’s wkstats, you can find how many percent of N5 kanji you know at every level. Have a look!

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Why doesnt wanikani teach me the kanji i need for N5 first and the N4 and so on? :flushed:


I think it’s mainly sorted on how simple the kanji are and how easy the concepts they represent are.

Also, it is much better to teach a bunch of kanji that can be made with known radicals, rather than having to teach a whole bunch of extra radicals in only a few levels so that you can teach one singular kanji to complete a somewhat arbitrary list.

You can always learn the last few kanji on your own. :sweat_smile::blush:


I see so it focuses to teach me to kanji i need for the long term and end goal :hushed:


Textbooks also don’t teach grammar in exactly the order of the JLPT. There are no official lists for what is covered by each JLPT level and the JLPT is not the “one resource to rule them all” that everyone has to respect.

But good news is there is plenty of time to get all the N5 kanji done until the December N5. :slight_smile:
And if you are missing some kanji, you could study those couple of kanji separately if necessary.


There are a lot of different orders in which you can learn the kanji. WK made their own order which they feel is effective for learning, which is completely different from the order in which Japanese children learn kanji and completely different from what any JLPT-focused sources would be.


@Kumirei, Though I’m not there yet, of course, after I sacrifice all my turtles to the Great One, I intend to go about learning those extra N1-level kanji whose existence are yet too dirty to give as gifts to Oh Crabigator. Any chance you know of a good SRS with such dirty, dirty gems already out there? If not, I’ll just make a Quizlet of them.

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There are a couple of Anki decks out there. Probably not exactly the N1 kanji but since there is no official list anyway…

(Sorry for not @Kumirei and answering anyway. I hope everyone, especially the Great One :crabigator: will forgive me)

And while we’re at it:

@hinekidori :heart:!


I just got to level 60 two weeks ago, and haven’t even finished my level 60 kanji yet, haha. I’ll probably make my own Anki deck when the time is right.

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you mah frand


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