Jlpt N5-last minute cram session


Is anyone taking the jlpt n5 test this December in Ohio? I was hoping to just see if anyone has any suggestions for grammar and/or listening materials to help me study. I feel like those two categories will be my biggest weakness. I have covered Tae Kim’s site for grammar and I also have the basic Japanese grammar book by Seiichi Makino & Michio Tsutsui. Lastly I have Genki 1 with the workbook and a basic Japanese book. I also watch a lot of anime lol (^ω^)


All the grammar that you could possibly need to know is in Makino-sensei’s book, but it might be more efficient to find grammar points listed in other books and then use Makino-sensei’s book to deepen your understanding of a grammar point, because it’s very clear about when you can/cannot use something.

Remember to read all the example sentences. :slight_smile:


What really helped me prepare was making the official mock tests from JLPT…

I found out that answering questions is a lot easier, once you feel very familiar with the framework it is in…

So if I had one tip, it would be to feel very comfortable with the setup of the JLPT examination especially for the N5… Content wise I always find it very hard to say, but I was able to pass a few years ago just with the combination of Genki 1 and minna no nihongo 1… It covered most basic necessities for me…

GL with your test!