Jlpt N5 Resources Please?

I Was Thinking About Writing Jlpt N5 In July. But I Dont know How To Study For Vocabulary , Verbs And Listening. I Have Wanikani For Kanji And Bunpro For Grammar. I Dont Mind Online Or Real Books.
So It Would Be A Great Help if somebody gave the resources and how to study It .
Thank You.

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If you are doing WaniKani + Bunpro you are golden. Just relax and enjoy the japanese media of your choice in your free time. If along the way you find any extra words you would like to learn just add them to a custom deck in jpdb.io

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I dont Think thats gonna be enough for the exam though, as the exam is written and i dont what the syllabuses for n5 are. there are also so many other resources but i dont know which to choose

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I haven’t taken the real N5, but I did just take a practice test a couple weeks ago that was essentially the same format as the real thing. I think just about any standard beginner’s resource will get you to N5 pretty safely without needing much additional study. I took the practice test after completing the first Minna no Nihongo book, and the grammar in the test was far less complicated than I was expecting. I went into it just knowing the vocab from the textbook as well as about 29 levels of WaniKani, which was overkill (plus some scattered other vocab from native media that was far above the test level and didn’t help me at all). There were some words I didn’t know, but not enough to really give me trouble. I easily passed with above 80% in all three sections.

If you’re concerned, you can pick up Minna no Nihongo or Genki or any other standard beginner’s textbook and try working through that and filling the holes in your knowledge. There are also JLPT specific textbooks, but I think with N5, you really don’t have to worry. Just about any beginner’s textbook will cover the material.

If you are just going the WK + Bunpro route, though, you might benefit from also going through a deck of common vocab in Anki. There are probably even N5 specific ones out there, though I think the JLPT vocab is pretty much all guesswork and there’s not really an official list. But something that’ll give you common vocab, especially kana-only common vocab, will help. If you do decide to get a textbook, your textbook vocab will probably be quite sufficient.

The other thing to watch out for is that the text has a listening component, and you’ll also have to be able to read at a decent speed. My reading speed was a lot faster than it needed to be, but I’ve gotten loads of practice from Minna no Nihongo as well as from reading manga and lots of other Japanese. The listening portion was easier than MNN’s listening exercises, and I didn’t have too much trouble with it, but it was easily the most stressful part. You’ll want to make sure that you’re practicing listening at least a little. I’m not sure what to advise with resources for this, though. My listening has improved with immersion, and with practicing textbook exercises.

My other question is: why are you taking the N5? Is it just for personal satisfaction, or do you have some other need for it? If it’s just because you want to test yourself, honestly I’d recommend just taking a practice test instead of the real deal. Save yourself the money and stress. The higher levels of the test can be beneficial to have on your resume, but N5 doesn’t really get you very far.


はじめてのにほんごのうりょくしけん (初めての日本語能力試験)

I used these books for vocabulary from N5-N3. Just make sure you get the ones with the translations in your language!! (I accidentally grabbed only a Chinese or Korean one with no English translation. Still have it laying around somewhere I think XD)

I could find them at book shops in my area (in Japan), but you can also buy them online.

The books follow themed chapters and it has audio materials you can download from the website so I found them incredibly helpful. Some vocabulary repeats but I didn’t think it was such a big deal.

[ Edited to include more detail ]


Because I’m A Kid My Mom Pays For all the materials I use for learning Japanese. So I’m Taking The Test
to Show My mom I’m improving and to give her the assurance that the money is not going to waste and thanks for the resources and advice.


Unfortunately I couldn’t Find It On Amazon, Is There Any Other Online Platform I Can find Shipping Overseas


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Where do you live? You can buy from amazon.co.jp from anywhere, but the shipping cost will probably not be so great. You can change this website to English by clicking the Japanese flag to the right of the search bar and choose EN.

I found the same book on Kinokuniya’s site, if you are in the USA. Since they import their books, it seems to be double the price of a copy here (which is probably roughly the same as getting it shipped to you.) I found this shop in NYC and I always visit there when I am in the area.

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I currently Live In India

If it can help you i currently use several ressources
Try ! as primary manual but don’t know where to find it in india
Japan fondation website is free
Minato don’t follow exactly jlpt levels but it’s a great complement (start A1-1 next A1-2; A2…)

recently found this site, seems good too but i din’t follow it yet

and some books are aviable online if you can’t import them


Is It Same Like Marugoto book Because I Already Have The Book.
Thanks For The Resources

Yep they’re link together, i don’t have them so i don’t know how they work together.

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