Pressing "2" skips to next card in review?

Good afternoon,

Today I just had a strange thing happen during my reviews. When attempting to answer “2011年,” the “2” key is skipping to the next review. I suppose this could be a bug, but this may be a script I’ve recently installed, and I was hoping someone could point this dumdum in the right direction.

I was looking through what settings I could find for my scripts, and I could not find any settings that might be the source of the issue. I did try refreshing the page/exiting and re-entering my session, which leads me to believe it is in fact a script setting somewhere.

I’m on chrome using Tampermonkey. My installed scripts are:

  • Wanikani Doublecheck
  • Wanikani Heatmap
  • Wanikani Keisei Phonetic-Semantic Composition
  • Wanikani Reorder Ultimate 2

Thanks in advanced for the help!

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Is this what you are experiencing?


Yes, this exactly it lol…

Thank you for linking this to me. Just saw your Reorder Omega post as well, will be switching over right now. Thank you, you’re a legend, my friend!

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well i did indeed not notice that their is a card with an answer that requires typing 2. anyway it would make sense to make this a setting but i have not used openframework for that yet

for me its a convince feature so that i never have to use the mouse

edit: i did fix it immidately after this to just disable to hotkey for answers requiring you to type a 2

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can you remove the link there. its points exactly to that older version and i do not want people to click it as otherwise the auto-update breaks for them if they install it through that link

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I changed it to a proper quote

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