Next review always 'available now'

For the past few weeks or so, my far left box (where it usually gives a countdown until the next review, in minutes) always says ‘available now’ despite my reviews being cleared.

As far as I remember, it used to say ‘no reviews’, or give me the minute countdown timer. Something else, just not always ‘available now’.

Is this just me? Thanks for any input!


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Can you post a screenshot?

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there is the link to the picture. On the left, it just says ‘available now’ all the time!

Hit the WaniKani button on the top left of the page. It will refresh the counter on the top.

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I know you’re talking about an error, but I’m currently having that problem as is.


Tried this about 100 times already. Doesn’t change. Says ‘available now’ all the time.

Log out and back in?

Have you got WaniKani open in another window as well?

Weird it just started working again! Now it says ‘available in x minutes’ as it used to! All I did was disable/re-enable the ignore script thing I use with firefox. Must have done it!

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Wait no I lied. It just started counting down from like 30 minutes, got to zero and there are no reviews. Now it just says ‘available now’ again, with zero reviews or lessons. hmmmm…

Maybe leave the ignore script disabled and see what happens.

Or disable all the scripts.

OK I have disabled my two scripts for WK (ignore button and WK reorder ultimate 2), and restarted firefox. No change yet but i will leave it running w/o scripts for a while and report back!

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OK after about a day with no scripts on, no change! I’m at a loss haha. Kind of miss my next review countdown lol

You never really answered my earlier question: do you have WaniKani open in another tab? It doesn’t really deal well with being open more than once.

Ahh sorry about that. Nah it’s only ever open in one tab, I use firefox. I do use it on my phone as well (The standard WK app, idk if it’s official or not), but I just closed it on my phone to make sure that wasn’t the problem and it is not.

Just out of curiosity, I closed firefox and opened WK up in microsoft edge (bleh), and it is doing the same thing there!! Always ‘available now’ despite no reviews or lessons.

The fact that this thread has been open for 5 days and no official response from the WK team is facepalm-level embarrassing.

Maybe you need to light the WaniKanisignal.


Too bad I’m Nic Cage and not Christian Bale…

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