Premium Version

Hey guys, this is my first post on here!!

I just wanted to see how to use this forum and ask one question…
How soon should I purchase the premium version? When I start level 3? or when I finish?


The first three levels are free, so you can wait with getting a subscription until you have finished level 3


Oh alright! Thanks!

Huh? :cold_sweat:

Wait, I think I have just the right item for this.


Ah, I see! You should wait until you finish level 3 so you get the most out of your subscription. :slight_smile:


I used it for free until level 3.
While on the free tier, it didn’t level me up to 4 when I guru’d all the required kanji, in fact it didn’t even show me any new specific message saying that I should upgrade now other than the regular one it shows when you get to level 3.

As soon as I subscribed, though, I leveled up!


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