Premium before finishing level 3?

Just got to level 3 and got the message about premium.

Since the teaching method on this website seems to work quite well for me so far I intend to get the sub to continue to the other levels.

Was just wondering if there is any benefit to subscribing before I finish this last free level in terms of unlock speed, extra content or anything else since if there isn’t I’ll just wait the week or so it will take me to finish this level.

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Just wait until you finish level 3, there’s no benefit to subbing before that


No use in paying for it early. The only difference you would notice is that the message asking you to subscribe would dissappear.


before you commit to wk… seriously look through the feedback forums … wk is far from perfect…

two big issues with the platform that to date are not fixed (unless you use scripts which wk breaks often enough to be infurating)… no undo button and zero leech management…

consider all options before plunking down a lot of money to wk… anki is free! many other kanji learning sources as well… not trying to discourage you but take a good look at the feedback forums and consider that you are going to be committing at least 2 years to this (yeah some can do it in a year but most don’t or quit altogether)… had I known what I know now…would never have started this platform…I have since migrated everything to kitsun…

the feedback forums you may want to take with a grain of salt but there’s a lot to be learned from experienced users that you just don’t see when you are at the ‘trial’ levels…

best of luck on your kanji journey!


While I do agree that OP should take a look at the forums and maybe try other alternatives at least once, I think if they found the levels so far to be useful, then WaniKani is probably a good fit.

I personally tried Anki and I’m sure it works for some people, but as someone willing (and currently able) to pay for the convenience of just having a one-stop shop for kanji, I think WaniKani is exactly what I need. Anki takes effort to just get started (from set up to finding a new deck, to adjusting the reviews settings etc even trouble with syncing) which personally disincentivizes me from committing.

Whereas with WaniKani, there’s a massive community, all kanji/vocab are curated, and the review system is already adjusted. I started in January of this year, now at Level 8, and can already recognize kanji in the wild despite putting in the bare minimum in WK (just a few minutes of reviews and lessons throughout the day with occasional sprints on the weekends). Far from enough for reading but still very motivating.

I do believe there are a LOT of points of improvement from my experience so far. For example, some of the mnemonics are straight up bad. Like one that relied on knowing some band from the 80’s or 90’s? I was born in '98 and it completely went over my head*

Some mnemonics ridiculous but actually help because they’re so weird and stand out. While others feel low effort. And even worse, some are straight up confusing and inconsistently constructed like using the word “Go!” for two different pronunciations “GYO/ぎょ” (魚) and “GYOU/ぎょう” (行).

But overall it’s been great. Just my 2 cents.

Edit: *also, as a non-American I definitely feel like WK is a bit too American-centric. I grow up immersed in American culture and went to college in the US, but I imagine this might be a very slight but nevertheless valid issue for international users.



It’s true that WK isn’t perfect, but what is?



you wont regret.

I am here almost 2,5 years, didnt miss a single day of reviews. I hope to hit lvl 60 this november.


Just of curiosity, at what level did you/would you recommend starting reading. I know the earlier the better, but was there a particular level at which you found you can usually read a sentence without having to stop at every word and look it up?

I’m at Lvl 8 and that’s where I’m at even for Elementary-level stories.

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I got it around level 5 before my reset, but that’s because I also waited for the 1 day of the year when the subscription was on sale.

Since OP is so far happy with the service, an annual sub might be worth it :).

However, I am not sure if the 3 first levels are an accurate representation of how much one struggles later on and the obvious diminishing returns. For instance, I was sort of onboard for the first 30 or so levels, but the drawbacks were eventually too much and I quit.

Giving Anki a try is not a bad idea.


I don’t agree. I only started seeing the downsides of WK once I was maybe past level 20 or so.

That said, you can also subscribe and just stop whenever you feel that it’s not adding value anymore and use something else. Since I only did WK and nothing else, I can’t say for sure that there’s anything that’s better (in terms of content - feature-wise I prefer Anki), but I also can’t exclude that there is.


lvl 11 as a recomendation from WK to start reading nhk easy news (to this day I read the 4 new articles everyday)

At that point I could understand already quite a lot, only missing a few words. But lvl 20 was a breaking point where I really could just read and understand.

Around lvl 35 I started bunpro, I used it for a year until I reached halfway of N1 and quit.

Today my immersion is watching anime with japanese subtitles, 2 episodes per day (currently is haikyuu and shirokuma cafe). I can say I understand around 80% of what they talk about which is great for my progress alone.

But hey I am a slow student, I am not like some users here who breathe japanese and study 10h a day only listening to japanese podcasts at the same time, reading hardcore light novels, etc. I just let SRS do its thing (I spend at max 45min with WK everyday ) and slowly I make some progress.


Have you tried reading Crystal Hunters?


Don’t get Premium until WaniKani brings back the summary pages.

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it’s appearing in third party app like flaming durtles.

Yeah I’m using Tsurukame.

Just saying if WaniKani starts losing money they may finally listen to it’s users.

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there was an old thread about the retention of users in WK, and the old stats showed that already 90% of new users dropout before lvl 10 or something

so they might be used to this situation.

Mary Poppins…
practically perfect in every way… or so I hear


Main draw for me here is that it seems to be a complete system for learning the majority of kanji I will need to read LNs and all I have to do is focus on studying since its all laid out for me already instead of spending a bunch of time setting up my own lesson plans and whatnot.

In the end im just gonna be subbing monthly so if it ever stops working for me I can simply unsub and try something else.

And of that 90% how many were free trial, monthly, yearly, and lifetime subscription?