A question about premium

I’m still kinda new to the language, I know the basics and want to learn more. I’m level 1 on here and I’m thinking of buying premium.
When should I buy it? I was thinking of waiting until I get to level 2. Is the lifetime option good because it seems like the best out of the three. Is that a good idea or should I wait a bit more before doing so? I can make simple sentences and know both hiragana and katakana. Any input is appreciated. Have a great day

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If you plan on getting lifetime, go ahead and snag it whenever you feel like. It won’t affect anything at all.

If you decide to go monthly/annually, don’t buy it until near the end of level 3 (the last free level) so that your money goes as far as it can for you.

And welcome to WaniKani!


You should still wait until you reach level 4 before buying premium.
The first 3 levels are free, so use them. No need to rush to a subscription. :wink:


Yeah, I would say wait until the end of level 3 just because you want as much info as possible to make the decision.


I say don’t buy premium until you’ve done the first three levels, as while wanikani is good, it might not work for everyone, so try the first 3 levels to completion, and if you like it, buy it, whether a subscription or a lifetime, whichever you want.


As the others have already said, you should wait until you finished level 3. Even if you want to get the lifetime subscription, I would recommend first choosing the annual plan for $89. There will most likely be a sale at the end of the year where the lifetime subscription will be reduced from $299 to $199¹. You will even be prorated for unused time of your subscription. 7 unused months of your annual subscription should probably result in an additional $50 price reduction of the lifetime subscription in the sale². Therefore I think the annual plan ($89) until the sale, and then the lifetime subscription (probably somewhere around $149 thanks to proration) is ideal (~$238).

¹ I think the likelihood of a sale at the end of 2019 is high, but there is no guarantee. However, even Koichi has already said that there will probably be one this year:

² I cannot guarantee that my proration calculation is accurate, but even if it is not, the overall price stays below the $299 of the unreduced lifetime subscription.


Lifetime is a good option if you plan to take more than three years. ($100/year or $300 lifetime).
I’m in year four I think, so was definitely worth it for me.
Worth nothing: last few years they have a Christmas sale. $100 off lifetime. Still a ways away though, assuming they’ll do it again.

Sinyaven beat me to it

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I have done first 3 levels, decide that WaniKani is good for me and bought lifetime, two weeks ago.
I think lifetime worth it, you should be quite fast and committed to learning if you want to burn all in three years. And even then, authors can add new.


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