I've finished all level 3's materials, how do i proceed?

I’ve passed all the Kanji, radicals and vocab and since this is a changing point to proceed to premium benefits, I’d love to subs just as level 4 is available. But since WK hasn’t notified that the end of level 3 is reached and reviews are still coming, do i wait it out and keep doing reviews, although they are taking so long? Or is subscribing the only way for more available lessons?


That one. ^^ The first three levels are completely free, so they will remain available for review until they reach Burn. But no lessons of level 4 or above will unlock until you’ve bought a subscription.

If you have Guru’d all the kanji for level 3, then lessons for level 4 will be available when you go premium. so you wouldn’t have to wait on those.


Thanks for the reply! :grin:


Do I spy a blue level badge?

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Haha very sharp eyes you got there, and thank you again for the hug (and words)! it surely was encouraging :smile_cat:


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