Is it alright to upgrade to WaniKani premium? Or more advisable to upgrade when I reach level 4?

I am currently now on level 3 which is still in freemium and there’s now a notice to “Upgrade to Premium”. But when I go to the subscription page, there’s a notification saying “We have noticed you are currently below level 4. To allow you to get a feel of our service we have opened the first 3 levels. We recommend to take advantage of these free levels before committing your hard earned cash to the Crabigator. etc…”

I’m kinda confused there that the notification on both pages are conflicting.

So I would like to ask - is it alright to not upgrade to premium yet and reach level 4 first? Or is it better to upgrade to premium now even though I’m still on level 3?

Thank you in advance for the advice.

You can upgrade now, of course. It just won’t make a difference whether you’re premium until you reach level 4, so if you subscribe once you reach level 4 you’ll have the maximum number of days to use the premium subscription.


i think i waited until i finished the third level if i remember rightly. you won’t be able to get level 4 stuff until you finish three anyway- and that it was premium unlocks you see.

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I think I’m going to take Hamigakiko’s advise there and finish level 3 before I jump in and start paying for the Premium.

Thank you!

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@felix330 - I am kinda hesitant to upgrade because I won’t get the lifetime (for now) of the premium and the run time will already start when I go premium. Not to mention, I’m relatively a bum and don’t really have cash always to burn. Just want to make sure I really have maximized the freemium before jumping in to pay for the premium. Thanks either way.

If you go for monthly/yearly you will waste part of the subscription by buying it now, since you will spend days on the free material.

I bought it around lvl 2, cause I went for lifetime :sunglasses:

Hope you’ll can afford staying for the long run, it is absolutely worth it =)


@Toyger, I will eventually buy it for a lifetime, I hope. But for now, I’m really poor as I even got my parents to pay it for me XD;;

Thanks for the advice either way. So I guess I’ll just go premium once I reach level 4.

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Many stay for the long run by taking one month at a time too, didn’t mean you had to go lifetime (only that it was only if lifetime it was worth doing before lvl4) =)
I meant I hope you manage to find a way to stay with us one way or the other on this amazing journey! <3

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@Toyger - I plan to get the one year (which has 2 months free last time I checked), so I’ll stay for awhile haha Let’s see after that one year if I would stick for a longer time (if I have the money too haha)

But yeah, looks like it settles it. I’ll finish level 3 going to level 4 first before I upgrade to premium. Thanks!

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If you do, they usually have a half price on lifetime around Christmas =) (and what is left of your current subscription will be put towards the lifetime, so no waste)
By then you will probably know if you want to continue that long or not, and see if maybe you can get it for Christmas =D


You’ve already had your question answered, but I just wanted to confirm what Hamigakiko said that you don’t unlock any kanji content early by subscribing before level 4. The only difference would be you’d have access to Vacation mode, but at that stage I still think it’s worth waiting. Don’t give us money until you have to! :wink:

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