Pre-exposure to upcoming level kanjis

While at level 21, i realized that a lot of kanjis are same a like and I didn’t give enough reviews at start by thinking too much (I generally answer as quick as possible). Now I am struggling at level 21. It has been 14 days. So when I complete this level I am going to back my old strategy with new addition. As I am going to answer as quick as possible, beforehand, I will read next levels kanjis beforehand every morning and evening. Not study. Just look at kanji, read the reading, read the meaning. 5 minutes maximum. I am wondering how this preexposure will turn out. At the moment, my average leveling duration is 10 days.

If anyone tried this tactic, I would like to hear outcomes.


Looking at the next level’s kanji before levelling got me through the fast levels without being overwhelmed. It worked very well for me. ^^


If you’re having trouble telling similar kanji apart, try this script:

Basically, it’ll show you on the right hand side of your screen what radical, kanji or vocab you’re confusing when you get an item wrong. Works wonders for me, especially when kanji only differ by one radical :ok_hand:


That’s not studying?


It’s only studying if you stare so intensely at the kanji and for such a long time that blood starts pouring from your eyes and you start hearing the rattle of snakes outside your door.


As Ilyasaur pointed,

I am just not spending any little mental effort. I leave mental effort to wanikani lessons time.

Let us know how it goes. The ConfusionGuesser script seems like a more helpful approach. Personally I would just drill the problematic material outside of WaniKani but that’s just my way of doing things.

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