How long do I have to wait?

Hey guys
I began yesterday with Level 1 and I already know around 900-1000 Kanjis. How long it will take until I can catch my current level of knowledge ?


Oh boy. About 7 months if you’re really commited.


Both readings and meaning?

at least one reading and meaning as well.
7 months… nice… xD

And you know vocab to go along with those?

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i think so… well I’m sure that there some vocab i still don’t know. I’m always learning new Kanjis in combination with 1 or 2 other kanji

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Why do you want to change your learning style? Seems you have the hard part already behind you with 1000 kanji …

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i wouldnt call it as a change. its more an addition for me. and i would be forced to repeat all the easy stuff again. and revision is always good haha
even its a bit annoying


WaniKani teaches the main reading(s) in a kanji item and then gives you the less common ones through vocab, so I’m sure you’ll get exposed to new info. I would suggest you to subscribe only for 1 month, see all the items offered by WK and then make a conclusion of either you should go for it or not. Also, WaniKani items are not necessarily in the same order as in other tools.


Well, if you don’t have a problem with waiting for new content, you can do one level per week. The kanji roughly follow the JLPT and school grade lists, so per level you will probably see only a few unknown kanji for a while. There are 100+ new words per level, you might find some new insights there sooner.

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okay :slight_smile: thanks for all your opinions !

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Very helpful thread. I was thinking to use WK to study for N1 because my friends recommended it, but if it takes half a year to start up I don’t think that’s feasible.

Have you thought about a “Test me at my own risk before showing the lesson, I already know this” mode, and setting successfully tested items to Master? Failed items would be caught by the SRS.

I know your reasons for not allowing it in principle are sound, but it’s a real barrier of entry to advanced learners.


You may want to look into Heisig’s Remembering the Kanji or maybe Kanji Book (neither of which I’ve personally tried). Wanikani wants to do a lot of hand holding because beginners are notoriously bad at getting through the beginner stage. If you want to catch up to your current level of progress then there are probably more efficient options.


I came here with about 500 kanji and a JLPT N3 under my belt, and the prospect of slogging through lesson after lesson of stuff I already knew almost made me throw in the towel. Even stopped using it for three years.

Thing is, I didn’t do any other study for those three years either - like, at all. Think I just don’t have the dicipline for self-study - all the other little things I want to do keep getting in the way. So, I came back and picked it up again. And yeah, I am still getting lesson after lesson of stuff I already knew, but thanks to Koichi’s rather idiosyncratic teaching order, I’m getting some new stuff here and there as well.

Maybe at least finish off the free levels first? :slightly_smiling_face:


I suggested what I did because the goal was actually to check what items WK offers, not testing if the system works for the OP. That’s not the problem :slight_smile:

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About 5 times a week when it gets asked here :slight_smile:

They’re not going to do that.


My secret hope is that the dev will give in at some point… or at least meet us somewhere in-between.

@felixvd @SerahShirin I was in a situation similar to both of you (I technically learned all 常用漢字, but I am shaky on a few hundred of them and as time goes I tend to forget their reading).
I really like the way WaniKani teaches kanjis, but I wasn’t sure it was worth it. Thanks to someone I know who is using it, I could check the page for a kanji I always had trouble with (慶) and it immediately stuck. That was an instant buy for me.

Now, I am just powering my way through the system while reading the lessons for the kanjis I really care about. Once you are registered, you can see all WK has to offer, so nothing will stop you from learning on your own. It’s frustrating that the system cannot be made more flexible, but it’s good enough for me.


You can use the stats site for that, can’t you? Or do non-paying users not get APIs?

Not sure. I didn’t think about proposing that since it doesn’t seem fair.

Great question. I’m in the same boat. Currently studying for 漢字検定6級。I am using WaniKani for the mnemonics and the extra vocab I can pick up along the way. I love the example sentences on WaniKani. I’ll admit that I haven’t really learned much in the first three levels. Some vocabulary here and there from the sentences and crazy radicals like “poop” that will hopefully speed up my kanji learning and help improve retention and recall.

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