Practicing recall (e.g. reversed flashcard)

My card styling as of now (with SentenceAudio + JapaneseAudio autoplay’d). Of course, it changed a little from a while ago. I adapt every now and then.


I feel that Goo Progressive JE dictionary is partially translated, though it doesn’t necessarily include all definitions in 大辞林. At least sentences in many contexts are included (i.e. don’t just include random but similar context sentences).

It isn’t necessarily copy-pasta from JJ dictionary. I might need to edit a little. (There is still the original in some note fields)



The front side is missing ちゅうじき, while the actual JJ entry / back side has it. I am not sure whether I should include ひるげ / ひるけ, though.

I also notice for a while that 大辞林 doesn’t necessarily include some definitions I have seen either. (i.e. people use it, but dictionary officials don’t recognize it - so, if for Wiki’s, such definitions may possibly be included?)

There are also times when I can’t find a JJ entry; but there are results on Google. Might post more later.