Postliminal's Study Log 💫

Welcome to my Study Log! :cherry_blossom:

I will keep it short for now. My current idea is to study Kanji and vocabulary with WaniKani and keep refreshing my grammar knowledge by reading some Manga. :durtle_megane:

If you have any reading recommendations, feel free to share them with me!
Let’s keep on logging, keep on studying! :books:

Goals for 2020-07-30T22:00:00Z

  • WaniKani: Reach level 14
  • Manga: Finish Dragonball vol. 10
  • Manga II: Finish One Punch Man vol. 1

Study Materials

ワニカニ 《快:PLEASANT 》
ドラゴンボール 《其之百十一:神龍再び》
ワンパンマン 《5撃目:かゆさ爆発》
バクマン 《1ページ:夢と現実》


ワニカニ 1レベル / 十日
漫画 1話 / 一日

Nice! It’s always good to see another study log! I’m looking forward to following along!

And wow, that is quite a pace you’ve set yourself there! Good luck! :rocket:


How many hours are you planning to set aside for Japanese (every day)?


Thanks, I’ll do my best! :slight_smile:

Hmm, something like 1,5 hours per day?
One chapter takes me around 30mins max, and WaniKani would take the rest. But I also spend a lot of time just lurking around the forum, so it might be a lot more time in the end. :frog:


If you’re spending about an hour and a half a day I’m not sure if you could level up every week, because I’m pretty sure the review load picks up a ton as you continue to reach level 10, and it maintains. Good luck though!


Yeah let’s see. :child:
I was about to write 7-10 days, but then I left it at a week for now.
I once progressed until level 9, so I still know a lot of the beginner Kanji and vocabulary, which makes it not too difficult for now. Still I am alright with extending that time as well.

But you’re right, it’s probably good not to get disillusioned too quickly if I cannot keep up the pace.
I will keep you updated on the progress. :durtle_megane:


Short update:

Just reached level 4! :slight_smile:
Took me 8 days, with doing reviews each day.
So reaching level 6 by the end of this month should be hopefully possible. :relieved:
And Dragonball #4 is also 50% done! :confetti_ball:


Just finished Dragonball #4 :confetti_ball:
It’s going smoothly. :slight_smile:


Just reached level five! :slight_smile:
I think now 10 days per level seems reasonable for me.
To reach level 6 by the end of the month might be difficult, but I will anyways try my best!


I’m also aiming for 10 days per level, and I’m just one level ahead of you. 10 days per level seems like a good pace for now at least!

Have you looked at the “Level 21 by 2021” thread here? We have a group that try to finish level 20 in 2020 and open level 21 before January 1st 2021. It might be a good fit for you!


Thanks so much! :slight_smile: I will check it out! We can do this!!


Status report April 2020

Goal review:

  1. Reach level 6 on Wanikani (I am one day away from leveling up).
  2. [*] Finish volume 4 and 5 of Dragonball :confetti_ball:
  3. [*] Order new manga :confetti_ball:
  4. Join a book club


  • I will basically keep up the pace of three levels per month, which seems reasonable fore me.
  • Also one Manga chapter per day seems a good pace fore me. When there is a lot of fighting in a chapter, I might even read two chapters. :slight_smile:
  • As soon as the Flying Witch Mangas arrive, I will try to join the book club.

Goals for May 2020:

  1. Reach level 9 on Wanikani
  2. Finish Dragonball volumes 6 & 7
  3. Join the Flying Witch Book club

Just reached level 6 :confetti_ball:

This time it took me eight days, which seems feasible for the time being, as long as I am able to do my reviews every day. :slight_smile: The Double-Check script really helped me out in staying on track with my reviews. Before I installed it I was often getting so frustrated because of some stupid typos, especially when I was reviewing some radicals or Kanji that were relevant for reaching the next level “in time”. Now I don’t have to worry so much about it anymore, and I am having more fun doing my reviews. :slight_smile:

I will also try reading some more, which is why I added a small Manga wishlist on here as well.
I also figured out that offers the first volumes of some Mangas for free as a digital copy (until next week or the week after I think)! I guess its nice to have a closer look at some Mangas instead buying a bunch of volumes blindly. I was able to order five of the Mangas on my wishlist for free and already figured out that some of them are just far too difficult for me, yet. :frog:

Anyways, I am really happy with my progress, I might at some point write down some grammar I learnt while reading the Manga, like くせに, or maybe some vocabulary I, like 勝負 and so on. Just to not forget everything again, and maybe someone might even find it useful. :slight_smile:


Level 7 it is!! :confetti_ball:

I doing well so far with roughly 8 days per level. Since I seem to know a lot of the basic words, it makes it relatively easy for me at the moment. Still I try to take the time to correctly remember the mnemonics for all the Radicals and Kanji. Only if I really know a Kanji by heart, I will skip the mnemonic step. Vocabulary seems to be the easiest thing for me at the moment. The only time I had to seriously read the mnemonics for now were the different planets. :frog: Other than that I seem to have heard most of the words before or can put two Kanji readings together to get the right reading and meaning, it works quite naturally somehow. Also I have to say again, that I already once leveled up until level 9 before. So I’m curious to see if it will be different once I approach level 10.

Still some time to go, but it seems to be working quite well for me. And since I read that reaching level 30 can be considered a good milestone for a certain reading proficiency, I am happy to be slowly approaching the first third of that goal. :slight_smile:

I recently started reading two or three Manga chapters on some days, when I feel like it and am not too tired, since I usually do it before going to sleep. I am slowly getting into the words used in Dragonball and by now almost finished the seventh volume of it, which was my end goal for this month. I unfortunately only have the volumes until number 10, so I am open that I might get some supplies from Japan soon. :bowing_man:

Hope you are all doing well, and let’s keep up to good work! :running_man


Level 8, here we are! レッツゴー! :confetti_ball:

So far I have been really happy with the progress, and some Kanji that were difficult to remember at the beginning are sticking by now. (他 and 代 for example)

I really don’t want to start using a reverse learning platform for WaniKani because I have the feeling it will really overwhelm me, and I feel like I am doing quite well at the moment. I am mostly reading Manga right now, so upgrading my passive vocabulary seems much more important to me. Still, I think I will look at certain kanji again that are difficult for me to remember so that I can correctly envision the radicals that they are made of. In this way some Kanji mnemonics might actually become more important to me again. I might even start writing some of them down on paper to better remember them, and especially, to tell similarly looking Kanji apart.

The vocabs on the other hand are still doing fine, I occasionally stumble over Words where I am not sure if they have a long “o” or a short one, but other than that its really going well.

I also hope that my order of Mangas will arrive soon, since I am running out of Dragon Ball volumes to read. I just started volume nine and I am so happy with my progress that I don’t want to change to another series which might be more difficult right now.

Anyways, that’s it for now! :slight_smile:


Life’s getting harder when the Master reviews from the first levels are coming in!
I think I might be slowing down a bit, I feel a bit overwhelmed at the moment with so many daily reviews. I will try to adjust my schedule to only do new lessons when I have not that many reviews coming up. I guess my current pace will bring me to 10 to 12 days per level, which at the moment seems really fine for me.

Right now it seems more important to me to keep doing the daily reviews and making the words I already learnt stick, rather than rushing into the new levels. So far I am not having any problems with remembering any kanji or vocabs, but I can see myself starting to neglect my daily routine. I will try my best!! :slight_smile:

Edit: I just finished all my reviews and will go to bed now. Good night. :sleeping:


Hi there! Very comprehensive log you have there. I’m thinking of starting my own log too; how did you do the checklist thingy? Thank you! (I’ll be sure to credit to your post as well)


Hey hazimaaen! Glad you like it! :slight_smile:

It is actually very easy to do. Just click on the pen symbol of my post, and then on the option “raw” to see the “code” used for all the functions.

As for the check list, you can just use these brackets:

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-01 um 14.08.18


One month done, and I just reached level 9! :confetti_ball:

Oh man, the last level was really tough! I started to get a bit distracted because my daily schedule changed recently. Usually I was checking WaniKani just after waking up but now i mover it more to the afternoon which makes it easier to forget or postpone further. I had two day where I didn’t do any reviews at all which made me stop my 60!!! day streak. :frowning:

Funnily enough I seemed to have the same problem when I first used WaniKani in 2013 where I made it until level 9 before stopping to do reviews and eventually giving up to other things. At that time I began my studies where everything was new and stressful, this time around I am about to finish my studies which will not be too easy either.

At least for now the Kanji and Vocabulary seem to stick, and I feel comfortable moving forward in a rather fast pace of 8-10 days per level. Luckily enough I still know almost all of the irregular Kunyomi of the vocabulary until now, which makes the learning a lot easier. Also some vocabs I kind of knew before started to really click, which is really a nice feeling of accomplishment (i.e.: 歩道、出所、住所) I will try to keep up the system of doing reviews at least once in the morning, and once in the afternoon or evening each day.

The really good news is that I was able to finish 4 volumes of Dragon Ball this month. I really hope that the new ones I ordered will arrive soon, but I am not so full of hope, but let’s see. Alternatively I would have to start reading some other Manga like Death Note or continue reading One Punch Man, whose level seems to be quite high.

Anyways, lets do a short review:

Goals for May 2020:

  • WaniKani: Reach level 9 [*] (kind of)
  • Manga: Finish Dragonball vol. 6 & 7 [*]
  • Manga II: Finish Dragonball vol. 8 & 9 [*]
  • Bookclub: Join the Flying Witch BC

Goals for June 2020:

  • WaniKani: Reach level 12
  • Manga: Finish Dragonball vol. 10
  • Manga II: Finish two more volumes of another Manga


Finally reached level 10 :relieved: :confetti_ball:

After a long weekend away from home, this is what I came back to:

Some hours later I managed to get all the reviews done and will have to tackle the Lessons next.
I am very happy to say that I got 98/99% of all the vocabulary correctly. :slight_smile:

This level was actually quite okay, yet I had this incident where I had only one vocabulary missing for my level-up to happen, which pushed me two days back. Still I am very happy with my current progress and hope to continue with a bit faster pace for the coming levels, which means like 10 days per level, maybe even less If I am lucky.

Anyways, the Kanji and vocabulary are still sticking, and I am still progressing and feel very far from burning out this time. :slight_smile:

My Mangas I ordered almost two months ago still didn’t arrive, I hope they will soon, since I am running out of Dragonball volumes. I’ll keep you updated on the lessons.