Postliminal's Study Log 💫

Finally level 11, and also one month passed again! :woozy_face:

I kept slowing down more and more, which made me finish two levels this month. Still, better to have some progress than to burn out and have none. I am doing quite well and will try to speed up a bit again this month. :slight_smile:
With 500 mastered items and 800 enlightened I recently became more and more used to recurring items piling up on top of my normal reviews. It somehow seems like I can handle It better now and not feel so overwhelmed. 200, 300 reviews seem really doable each day.

I was somehow struggling quite a lot with the level 10 Kanjis, where I really couldn’t seem to remember some of them until my third or even fourth try. I hope this one will be better, because I really “lost” a lot of time because of that. Once the Kanji are in my head, the vocabs are mostly quite easy to remember from context, or I already know the pronunciation. So once I read out a vocabulary I will very often know what it means (i.e. 早速). Whenever I am not exactly sure about the mnemonic of a certain Kanji I just open it in a new tab and either directly or some time later check on a bulk of 5-10 Kanji just to refresh my memory, and I have the feeling it really helps. I remember from the first time I tried WaniKani 7 years ago that I at some point just started guessing the reading of a word, instead of being really certain about it. This can be quite dangerous in my opinion. Of course when you know the word by heart it is no real problem at all, but for some vocabs it is just a vague idea that seems to come out of nowhere and might by the next time you see it very well be forgotten.

Anyways, I will try to go down with my days per level again and hope to arrive at around ten days from now on. Lots of delays happend due to failed Kanji reviews last month, which I will try to avoid.

Here are my goals for this month:

  • WaniKani: Reach level 14
  • Manga: Finish Dragonball vol. 10
  • Manga II: Finish One Punch Man vol. 1

Reached level 12 :dizzy:

I am continuing to slow down, because I have so many other things to do, and I only do new lessons when I feel like I really have to concentration to do it. In every new level I try to speed up a bit again, but I just continue to slow down haha. :sweat_smile:

Anyways, I am very happy with my progress, I don’t feel like burning out at all, and just happy to continuously learn new Kanji and vocabulary. To be honest, it is just so satisfying to go through new vocabulary once you know the Kanji and understand the reading and meaning without any effort. Often I also already know some vocabulary from talking in Japanese, but not their reading, and it is always such an AHA-moment when I have some new words, and I read these Kanji together and suddenly realize I already know that word. For example I heard ご注意ください in Japan so many times through the speaker, and now suddenly I pops up in my new vocabs! Honestly such a nice and rewarding thing. :slight_smile:

My Manga reading really slowed down though. I have too much on my mind and don’t really take the time to read one chapter every day. And once you stop one day, you stop for one week, one month. I will try to keep going, but might takes some weeks off of reading Japanese.

Here’s to finishing level 12 in under 14 days! :pray:


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