New study routine

Instead of overthinking and repeating my study routine in my head, I just build something new and put it down. This is my new routine based on my own interest, like understanding sentences better, keep studying kanji & vocab, increase my phrases and at the end try to listen more to beginner Japanese.



I didn’t know that much time existed in one day.


I think it could be achieved (theoretically) by quitting leisure activities like watching anime and browsing wanikani forums :slight_smile:


Wow! That is a lot of time! I have no time! But if you do, that is awesome! You’ll learn much faster!

I spent a similar amount of time divied between Wanikani, iKnow, two JLPT prep books or problem-review books, watching at least one show, and reading at least a set number of pages in a novel, each day in the roughly six months between my passing N3 and N2.

It worked but it was extremely unhealthy, so I guess just know that … that study load will probably be effective, but also feel free to balance it a little according to your needs! I also spent slightly less time/studied less rigidly in my six months between N2 and N1, so maybe all that wasn’t necessary.

Don’t quit watching anime (or better yet, live-action Japanese shows, since the dialogue and delivery will be a bit more realistic). Just reclassify it as study time.

A neat little trick is that you can do the same with comics, prose, and games just by switching the language you experience them in!


~ 4 hours, lol.

Maybe quitting, League of Legends is a better idea, haha.

Just food for thought, but instead of using time as a metric when creating a routine, I prefer to use content.

For example, instead of saying “1.5 hours WaniKani Reviews” I would say “175 WaniKani Reviews”, or “Read 2 chapters in novel”.

In this way, I feel like you can be more grounded within the content and you know exactly how much you’re doing and when you will finish.
If a novel has 14 chapters and you read 2 a day, you can know that you’ll be done in exactly a week, whereas if you use time you don’t really know how much “1h of reading” evaluates to.
Same thing with Anki decks; if your deck has 6000 cards and you do 50 a day, you know that you’ll be done in 2 months.

Anywho, just my opinion!


Wow, you really have a lot of time :pp If you keep up with this routine, I’m sure you’ll notice your language skills progressing pretty quickly. Come back to this thread and comment on how it’s going once in a while~
And be careful not to burn yourself out! Burn some turtles instead! Good luck :smile:


~ Small update
I just saw that this routine is a little bit a hurry and overload, specially now I have abused the order script and my reviews are sky high now.

  • I take a step back to finish my reviews to 0
  • Go through n4 section lingo deer
  • Invest more time in verb conjugation

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