Sortasamm's Study Log

Hello everyone! I’ve been a WK user off and on for almost six years, but in an effort to make my study habits more consistent, I’m going to start a study log here! I’ve been taking it slow and I’ve restarted… three times, I think? I think my highest level has been 26, but after restarting back in October, I’m currently at 12. Basically, I study hard for a while, and then get overwhelmed be reviews piling up, and restart to wipe the slate clean. But no more! I’m going to do it for real this time.

Current stats:

Genki I Chapter 1

Wanikani Level 12


I’ve always been interested in learning languages, probably since I was around eight or nine years old. I never got really proficient though until I started taking Spanish in school. In high school, I was friend with a lot of people who were into anime, and because I like learning about languages, I decided to give Japanese a try. I didn’t start taking it seriously until a couple years later when I found out about WaniKani through a youtube channel I follow.

Ultimate Goal:

I know it’s a lofty goal, but I’d like to one day be able to pass at least the N2, but hopefully N1. I’m majoring in English right now for my bachelors program, but I’m thinking about pursuing Comparative Literature one day for grad school. That usually requires high level proficiency in a second language, and intent to learn a third throughout your program (third would probably be Chinese, although again, that’s a long ways away).

Current study plan:

  1. Keep reviews at 0 each day (in the past week, I’ve gone from 1300 down to 200, so once I get to zero, I don’t want it piling up again)
  2. Do 15 lessons a day
  3. If I have extra time to study, complete some Genki

I’m going to try to update this log at least once a week, but hopefully more depending on progress!


Welcome! Do you know Tokini Andy’s video series on youtube? He goes through the grammar for each Genki chapter, it’s very helpful.

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No, I hadn’t heard of him, but thank you for the recommendation! He seems like a good resource.

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Day 1, done!

I’m back down to zero reviews after five months of a backlog, and I’ve done my 15 lessons for the day.
Coincidentally, I also hit level 13 today. It still feels weird to say it, but I’m not going to fast-track my new lessons like I usually would. An eventual level up is better than building up a backlog again.


Update, 06/08/24:

This week didn’t exactly go to plan as I was working a completely different schedule at work, but I did manage to keep my reviews at zero still. I think I missed about half my lessons. I’m taking a staycation this week though, so I’m planning on getting back on track. I think I’m also going to put my review counts from here on out.

Apprentice: 72
Guru: 436
Master: 202
Enlightened: 467
Burned: 859

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Update 06/12/2024

Past few days have gone really well! Keeping my reviews at zero and still doing 15 lessons a day. I’ve finally finished all of the vocab for level 12, and I’ve started on some of the radicals for 13. Should finish the rest of the radicals and some of the kanji tomorrow.

Apprentice: 100
Guru: 404
Master: 268
Enlightened: 449
Burned: 875

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Update 06/17/2024

Things are still going really well with my new study plan! I finished my lessons today for Level 13’s kanji and I’m getting some vocab lessons that I remember really well from before I reset. I probably didn’t need to go all the way to level 1 back in October, but I was just too overwhelmed. Here’s to not letting that happen again!

Apprentice: 80
Guru: 444
Master: 323
Enlightened: 449
Burned: 875

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Update 06/21/2024

Studying hasn’t gone as well the past couple days – I’ve managed to keep my reviews at zero, but missed two days of lessons because I wasn’t feeling well. Got back to it today, and have finally gotten to the point where I’m getting burns again! I’ve definitely forgotten some of them, but I probably got about half of them moved up to burn, which is better than I had hoped.

Apprentice: 80
Guru: 416
Master: 385
Enlightened: 419
Burned: 901

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