Post-Update Script Help

Hi guys!

My Google Chrome updated yesterday and since then all of my scripts stopped working. I don’t know much about how they work, I’ve tried re-installing both TamperMonkey and all of the scripts with no success. Any suggestions? I feel like there must be something! :blush:

Thank you!

Strange, I also updated but everything still works … something showing up in the developer console (Command+Option+I/F12 or Control+Shift+I)?

Sorry I’m not quite sure what you’re asking me to look for :disappointed_relieved:

It opens some pane, there you should navigate to the console, it prints out error messages. Look out for red messages or things that mention tampermonkey :slight_smile:

Edit: when looking at a WK page where you expect a script to do something :wink:

OH! I’m getting a long list of 500 (Internal Server error) and 401 (Unauthorised) errors for my scripts!

Can you post a screen-capture of those errors? Knowing which server requests are failing might help narrow down the problem.

Otherwise, I’d suggest opening the console (same as you did above) and typing the following command in the box next to the >, then press enter and refresh the page.


You may have to re-enter your API key if your scripts don’t handle that automatically.


Wow! Thank you so much you guys! That did the trick :blush:

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