No Userscript is working

I have the problem that no Userscript is working. I updated all scripts, reinstalled them and also reinstalled Tampermonkey but nothing is working.

I’m using the newest version of google chrome, can somebody helfP

By not working, what exactly do you mean? Does just nothing happen? Does something happen, but it’s broken? Also, what userscripts are you trying to install?


If you did all that reinstalling, did you remember to put the Framework script up front that all the others depend on also? :eyes: Easy to forget.

That’s all I can think of for the moment, as they all work for me.

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I did all of it but it is not working. I’ve attached a screenshot

Open up the javascript console (either F12, or Ctrl+Shift+I), it should have a bunch of stuff in it. Does it have an error somewhere?
They look like this:
^ These specific lines aren’t important, but if the script itself is throwing an error, that’s an issue.

No, there are no errors :frowning:

Are you using other browser add-ons? Perhaps some of them are blocking JavaScript?