Lessons preview

Is there anyway to preview the lessons contents. Will it be vocabulary, or kanji, or radicals?

Are you asking about lessons or reviews? For lessons you can start a batch, get all of them wrong, and leave the lesson with no negative consequences. For reviews there is not a builtin way. Maybe there is a plugin which could, but I’m not the right person to help with that.

Lessons, I’m asking for lessons. I’m not interested in the content per se, but the type, radical, kanji or vocabulary.

This script might be what your looking for



Is it not in the top right of the screen already or is that a userscript i dont remember downloading
It doesnt tell you which level they are from though if thats what you were looking for


There’s a count in the top right of the screen that shows you the breakdown of what type of lessons are coming up and how many lessons you’ve completed in a session. Previous level’s radicals come before this level’s radicals though, so it won’t necessarily tell you the order of items.


Yeah, that’s the problem. I have a bunch of each there, but I don’t know the order, the next 5 lesson batch, what will it be.

its random, though it will prioritize the prior level first if you haven’t finished those yet (i think).

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