Poorly timed reviews

I have 15 kanji reviews to do at 4 am and I’m going to tell you why.

So since I have the time and the means (currently on a break from studies to treat a medical condition), I have decided the top speed for each level (6 days and 21 hours) even though for the current level I barely woke up to guru the 2nd batch from level 9 and only did the lessons 4 hours later. The way to do this is to do all the radical lessons immediately after leveling up, the 1st batch of kanji not too long after, and the 2nd batch of kanji (those that build on that level’s radicals) immediately after taking the radicals. This brings to my current predicament.

Remember those 4 extra hours I took to actually get started on level 10? Well, by doing reviews on time, my radicals went to guru precisely at midnight, where it should have been 8 pm. Now I will be staying awake until four to do that apprentice I stage because of something I did 4 days ago haha.

I guess I’ll do the vocab lessons until then. Did any of you ever have similar situations? How did it work?

At least that means that if I time it right for next time, I’ll start the new level at 10 am and won’t be doing these thursday lessons so late.

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I uh… When I was doing WK, I had my laptop at my university, I had a desktop when I did my part-time job on campus, and I always have stayed up late since highschool, so that was my life.

Doing reviews all day, every day. It was fun.


That happened to me once.
I didn’t wake up to do it. I just woke up at 6 as usual and did the reviews then.
I did lose 2h in the process, but it does not matter in the grand scheme of things :woman_shrugging:


I’ve never woken up in the middle of the night or stayed up extremely late to do reviews. The most I’ve done is stay up an extra hour for reviews and that’s it. Despite that, I only have like 1 or 2 levels where my level up time is 8 days or more. A few hours won’t impact your level time that much, I don’t see a point in it really.


well it should also be noted that my medical condition tends to mess up my sleep schedule, so I have gone to bed at 4 am the two previous nights as well, so it’s not as bad I guess. And still there is only one level until now I actually managed to do 6 days 21 h, I lost a few hours for the other levels as well.

The point? I like to trophy hunt on the PS4 and Wanikani’s mechanism triggers that passion, there isn’t really a point and there isn’t anything memorable about that haha

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staying up late is detrimental for your memory. just don’t sweat it, it’ll work out in the end anyway.

i lose some hours here and there all the time, but i’m in the “a level a week” zone, so no big deal :slight_smile:


Totally agree, It’s a challenge for me to stabilize my circadian rythm, but from the few times I have actually done it, I can recommend it’s benefits, it feels really good!

On a positive note, I managed to finish all the vocab lessons and pass my 2nd batch of kanji to Apprentice II :smiley: I’ll try to continue studying other materials and have the kanji come up often to compensate for my irregular habits.


My only reason is that it is neat, but that doesn’t justify it. Guys, do your reviews and then sleep.
Uh, I mean, get your sleep and then do your reviews.

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