Introduction and Question about Leveling

Hello All,
I’ve been here for a few months and finally wanted to write my first post and say hello to everyone. I really enjoy this app and figure I’ll be here for another year at least :slight_smile:

To work my way into the question… I’ve been trying to level a bit faster, so I’ve been doing reviews and lessons quickly when they pop up, and I haven’t been getting the kanji incorrect a single time (vocab can be a different story :stuck_out_tongue: where’s my “beer and review” crowd at?). Why is it that some people can level in 4 days but I’ve been doing solid work for 8 days and still can’t level? I feel like apprentice just won’t go away! As a disclaimer, I don’t know anything about review timing and all the anticipation stuff people do, but I figure it’s high time I learn if I want to do this in less than 2 years! Looking forward to chatting with more of you in the future during this crazy journey together!




In the very early levels or the later levels (around 40 i think) the levels can go by faster since theres fewer kanji to learn/they arent based off of that levels radicals. The timing for learning is as follows

Apprentice 1 → 4 hours → Apprentice 2
Apprentice 2 → 8 hours → Apprentice 3
Apprentice 3 → 1 day → Apprentice 4
Apprentice 4 → 2 days → Guru 1

So this means that you have to spend minimum 3.5 days to level the Radicals to guru before you can start learning that level’s kanji associated with those radicals. Once you start learning those, you have another 3.5 days. So minimum time to level is 7 days. If speed is your end goal, then you might want to structure your levels so the crucial reviews arent popping up while you’re asleep.

An example may be

8am - learn the radicals
12pm - review to go from app 1 to app 2
8pm - review to go from app 2 to app 3
8pm next day - review to go from app 3 to app 4
8pm 2 days after - review to go from app 4 to guru

This way you’ll always be awake to do your reviews as soon as they pop up


First couple levels are actually sped up by way of radicals and kanji having a review interval less to get to guru. (edit: I think)

The review timings are actually 2 hours shorter, so absolute fastest level is 6d20h. But 8 days a level is a super respectable speed.


You’re correct, the first two levels have their interval times halved.


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