Don’t know what to do. Time is near

Hey guys it’s about 7:30am. I had about 150 reviews around 7am and finished it in 40 mins. I have 109 new lessons and in about 8am theres 46 reviews. I’m not sure why. Like every hour there’s something. If I do the lessons now, the number of review count for that 8am will increase. by the time i finish the reviews first for 8am, then do lessons. that 1pm, 5pm, 6pm will increase. so then that means it’ll probably gonna take 1hr 30 mins for new lessons. prob gonna get 150 by the end after doing 8am reviews. then after that i have 3 hrs to spend on reviewing some kanji and vocab. and by that time happens, 11am will probably be there. then break. then back to wanikani. then 5 hrs break. holy shit

Idk man I’m now on lesson 12. Too much for me lmao. 109 lessons with 5 flash cards each will take at least 30 mins. And by the time that happens another review at 9am :rage:

Might as well have another split screen where I do both lessons and review. One on left one on right and another tab for wanikani home site to cheat on review probably


You’re under no obligation to do all your lessons at once.

I do 10 kanji lessons or 20 vocab lessons a day but only when my apprentice count is less than 100. Some days I’m just too busy and I only do reviews. Is it slow? Sure. Am I burning out or stressed about Japanese? No. I’ve reset twice before, once at 10 and once at 17 when I started burning items, and this time I’d rather take 3 years to finish this than not finish at all because it became too much. That’s my advice. Chill :stuck_out_tongue:


so if you have 200 new lessons, you do what? 10 a day. so thats about a month to finish that. so what does that mean for the reviews? do they increase more if you dont do all lessons since you do 10 a day or what? im trying to figure out the correlation here. if you have 200 new lessons, do 10 a day, which is 50 a week and finish the lessons in a month, then how many reviews do you get a day ?

You can’t review what you haven’t learned yet. If you pace yourself doing lessons, the reviews will automatically be more spread out over time.
I don’t think I’ve ever had 200 lessons available, and if I had, it would be vocab and I’d do 20 a day so that would take me 10 days.

This is how I do it (trial and error and to each his own)

  • I keep apprentice items at less than 100 at all times
  • I always do radical lessons when they become available, but then no kanji or vocab that day
  • I do the vocab lessons of the previous level before doing kanji lessons of the current level, so this means I’ll spend the first 5-8 days of each level doing the previous level’s vocab before I start on the kanji.
  • If there are kanji lessons available, I do 10 a day. If it’s only vocab lessons, I do 20. Some days I only do reviews because à laise.
  • Repeat until level 60, 14 days per level.

This is give me around 50-150 reviews a day, usually around 110, but I’m not burning items yet so it’ll increase some later on. This is manageable. I have a full time job and other hobbies, but I like Japanese too much to quit learning. I have no delusions of adequacy :slight_smile:


If you want to spread out your lessons without slowing down your leveling speed a simple method is something like this.

Day 1 do lessons until all radicals are learned
Day 2 do half of remaining lessons
Day 3 do other half of remaining lessons
Day 3.5 Guru radicals and do lessons for the newly unlocked kanji
Day 4 do lessons for vocabulary from first batch of kanji
Day 5 do lessons vocab for second batch of kanji
Day 6 and 7 do any remaining lessons while waiting for next level to unlock

When you reach guru with a radical or kanji, lessons related to that kanji unlock. Thus the amount of lessons available is directly tied to how quickly you’re reaching guru on radicals/kanji and limited by your level. They can’t just pile up endlessly. If you’re getting overwhelmed by the amount of work then limit the number of lesssons per day.


if you dont think you ever had 200 lessons available. then why did i? my lessons is mixed of all stuff. like when i do new lessons, on the top right corner it shows me about of radicals, kanji and vocab. like 13R, 35 kanji, 170 vocabulary.

Are you using a reorder script to do kanji and radicals first? That would make it possible to have vocabulary from previous levels left over when you level up. If you aren’t then that’s likely the largest pile of lessons you’re going to see. If you are then make sure you get all your vocabulary from previous levels done before starting on new level material.

BlockquoteAre you using a reorder script to do kanji and radicals first?

not sure what u mean. when i 1st signed up, the lessons just gave me whatever. if i do if i have like 47 vocab. i might use do 10 then it automatically goes to like kanji or radical so its random.

plus boruto is out today. i gotta finish this. i spent 40 mins already on this lesson. still going. as soon as i finish boruto, its back to reviewing then stuff manually cause i got 3 hrs for the next review ugh lmao

Because you do all lessons at once or level up before doing the previous level’s vocab?

If there are 35 kanji lessons available, that would take me 4 days. And then later they’ll go to guru over the course of 4 days, so the vocab lessons become available only gradually over the course of those 4 days. By the time the last 5 kanji go to guru, I’ve already done 20 vocab lessons for 3 days, the amount of lessons and reviews just get spread out more over time. This is bad if you want to finish this in 1 year, but it’s good if you have a life outside of learning Japanese.

I’m rarely at 0 lessons/0 reviews and the wanikani heatmap script tells me I only study on 83% of days. I can live with this, because I’ve tried doing it faster (twice before) and that didn’t work for me.

Edit: there’s no right or wrong way to do this, only a way that works for you. You’ll need to experiment a bit. If you feel like right now there’s too much reviews and it’s too time consuming, you either need to rearrange your priorities and do less of something else, or you need to slow down and do less lessons.


Scripts are community made modifications to how WaniKani operates. They can do a lot of things. If you don’t know what they are yet then you don’t have any installed. If you just leveled up today then you only need to do lessons until you’ve completed the radicals for this level. You can do the rest over the next 2 days without slowing yourself down at all.

I recommend reading this guide, specifically the part on building a schedule.


Each lesson only has 1 flashcard (either 1 radical, 1 kanji or 1 vocabulary word). The lessons are usually batched into sets of 5 (you learn 5 lessons, then you review the 5 you just learned), which is where this confusion might stem from.


See my suggestion in your other thread. Clearly if you’re concerned by this enough that you had to make two separate threads two weeks apart, you need to adjust your approach. The way you’re going, it’s clear that you’re going to burn out.


I just want to also through my voice in to say that you should read that guide that Rihn linked to. It is long, but you don’t need to read every part of it at once.

It seems to me like you don’t really understand how the level up process works, or how you can space your lessons for efficiency without crushing yourselves with 100+ lessons all at once.

As an example, I usually do about 25 lessons each day, have 100-150 reviews in the mornings, and 25 reveiws at night 4 hours after the new lessons I did. it takes me 8 days to level up, assuming I don’t miss a session.

So again, read that guide, it will really change your WK experience.


I will try to put it simply, basically what we are trying to say:

If you use reorder script (which is an ADDON/Script you can download in the forum), you can set to learn radicals + kanjis first when you start a lesson, since they define the minimum amount of time in which you level up, and are also the most important lessons from each level, since they are what we all aim for, and what makes the vocab reading process easier.

What I usually do (Keep in mind that I try to maintain a 7 day level up pace, which is pretty much the faster way, w/o waking up at crazy hours):
Day 1: I Learn all the kanjis+radical available from the new level (that is around 30-40 lessons) + any older level vocab lessons that I may have not done yet. (usually I did it all already)
Day 2: around 20-40 new lv vocab lessons.
Day 3: around 20-40 new lv vocab lessons.
Day 4: Remaining Kanji + Radicals from the current LV (it only unlocks when you GURU’d the Day 1 Kanjis/radicals, that usually takes AT LEAST 80h (3h (ap1) + 7h (ap2) + 23h (ap3) + 47h (ap4 → guru))
Day 5: around 20-40 new lv vocab lessons.
Day 6: around 20-40 new lv vocab lessons.
Day 7: Level up!

Also: there is a lot of user scripts that can help in the process, like the “undo” scripts, which allows you to correct/rewrite you answer so you dont waste time.

@seanblue reply above is more accurate than mine! Since you dont really need to do ALL available kanji/radicals in day 1, thats just what i do…

well my prediction was correct. 109 reviews. was gonna get 52 reviews by 12pm (currently 9:20am) here. so i have 71 reviews when that time comes due to finishing all lessons which took me 1hr and 30 mins. now i gotta study them all while watching boruto.

if i get 109 lessons and do 10 lessons a day, what i’m afraid is that the more i do the reviews, the more the lesson number count will increase. if i delay by doing 10-20 lessons a day, then review gonna increase to like 100. this morning i had like 150 reviews for whatever reason. not sure why but that one took me 45 mins.

you need to understand how the lessons work:

at the beginning of a level, you get some radicals, and a first bunch of kanji.
when you guru the radicals, you get a second bunch of kanji.
when you guru the first bunch of kanji, you get a first bunch of vocabulary.
when you guru the second bunch of kanji, you get a second bunch of vocabulary.

at the same time as you guru the second bunch of kanji, you level up. so in the new level you again get a bunch of radicals, and a first bunch of kanji.

when you do lessons, wanikani gives you the oldest lessons first. so when you level up, you get the the vocabulary which you unlocked from the old level first.

if you want to speedrun (and by your other post, you do) you need to understand how this works. you can change the order of the lessons using the lesson re-order script. but again, you need to understand how the lessons work to use it properly. this allows you to spread out the lessons more evenly, like many people have already described.

but even if you spread the lessons out like this, if you’re speedrunning you will probably be doing almost 300 reviews per day. if you can’t do that many reviews every day, you need to slow down.

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i sort of understand but like i was on level 11. i had like 35 vocab or so to unlock as remaining. but when i finished the reviews, i unlocked the remaining vocabularies from lesson 11 and it gave me brand new lesson 12. so 11 and 12 were together which they werent suppose to be. this is my first time encountering like that.

normally when im near levelinig up. i finish the remaining vocab from that level. after the reviews, i only do the next level lessons. but for whatever reason they gave me 2 lessons for 2 levels.

That’s how it works, when you’ve taken enough Kanji to Guru, you level up, and get the radicals from the new level plus some Kanji and vocab too. To level up they don’t take into account vocab, so you can level up even if you have all your vocab left.
I went to level 4 and I still had almost all the vocab from level 3, that would be around 50 lessons, plus the new lessons, and it made around 70, I kept going my slow route and now I only have 24 left, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 0 on lessons because I go really slow, but it is ok for me, as for reviews they have been going fine, the reviews number especially depends on your apprentice and guru items that are those that you are reviewing more frequently, that’s why some people only do reviews if thay have under 100 apprentice items and under 300 guru items. Also if you do a lot of lessons together, when those items come back for enlightening or burning there are going to be a lot at the same time, if you do less items on the same day they’d be more spread out (ie instead of 100 in one day you’ll have 20 each day for 5 days)


Somewhere else you wrote that you want to be done by December 2021 and I think that might be the main issue. While it’s possible to complete WaniKani in less than a year, that requires a massive amount commitment and timing your reviews to achieve maximum efficient. Also, you need to be getting those radical and kanji reviews almost always correct.

As @Edzin explained, it’s possible to do 1 level per roughly 7 days, delaying the vocab lessons to avoid overloading yourself. So far I’ve been really pushing it (doing all lessons directly after leveling up) and already at level 7 I see that many items that went to Guru before are now dropping to Apprentice again, because I got them wrong for one reason or another. However, that’s still roughly 7 days per level no matter how much one rushes without taking casual breaks during work.

Finally, cheating on reviews will only hurt your progress in the end, because it replaces the possibility of long-term gains with a temporary gain. You might level up or clear reviews faster, but by the end you are likely to remember less than if you progressed more slowly.


idk man. for example. what happens if i have say for example 120 new lessons by the time i go to level 13. what if i do not do the lessons but finish the reviews for the week. then what happens? increased in number of lessons?