Please help - I have to write an email in Japanese and I don't know hardly anything

Hi everyone!

I ordered some clothes from a online Japanese store, using Google translate and all to navigate it, since I don’t know very much Japanese at all. I’ve only been studying Japanese for about 20 minutes each day since around August 20th or so.

Everything goes fine with the shopping, my credit card was charged, and then I get an email from the store that (when I put it through google translate) seemed to be telling me that they need my credit card’s name. Unfortunately, this email’s in Japanese, and I don’t know hardly any Japanese, so I cobbled a reply together. Could you all take a look at it and make sure I’m not just babbling nonsense?

Here’s what I’m planning to send them (personal details have been omitted):

クレジットカードのお名義は「X」です。カタカナの(X)は「X in katakana」です。クレジットカードから (the company my credit card is from in English letters)です。
Hello! I’m very sorry for my bad Japanese.
The credit card is from (the company my credit card is from) and the name on it is (X). The payment has already gone through, by the way.
Thank you!

This is what I was trying to say in the Japanese portion:
Hello! My Japanese is bad. I’m very sorry. Do you know English or Spanish?
The name of the credit card is (X). (X) in katakana is (X in katakana). The credit card is from (the company my credit card is from).
The payment went through already.
I included my message in English:

Can you all please help me with this? Thank you so much!

Can you also post the contents of the mail they sent? Blur out sensitive details etc…


I’ve already sent my reply to them, but I would appreciate if you could still take a look at my writing, just for learning’s sake.

Here’s what they sent me:

[My name]様

[Store name]をご利用頂きありがとうございます。



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I’m hopeful that at least your name, which they asked for, got across. The part where you want to say that the payment has gone through, I’m not that hopeful. “To go through” might also not be that understandable even in the English version, it seems like a very advanced verb to use even if they speak English.

This part here doesn’t make sense. 早へる doesn’t mean anything. And 経る has the meaning of “go through” as in “traversing through a certain place” or “to go through a process / steps” or for “passing of time”, not “successfully completed”, which you wanted. I’d rephrase that as “お支払いは既に決済しました”, maybe. Or “成功しました”…


Thank you for taking a look at it!

By the way, I noticed you added お before 支払い. Is お used before all nouns in a polite context? What are the rules behind when you use it?

:thinking: It’s mostly used in polite speech and keigo, sometimes some words are more common with an お than without. When not to use it seems to be easier to remember, basically you don’t use it on words that refer to you or something of yours. Like don’t say 私のお名前. Other than that, use it whenever you want to sound respectful.

Oh yeah another thing. お before kunyomi words, and ご before onyomi ones.


And don’t use it with katakana/borrowed words


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