How do I write "Kindly translated by..."

Dear community,

As part of a creative project backed by a production house, we’re trying to reach out to a Japanese animation artist. I know this person does not read English so I wrote a “contact letter” that was then kindly translated by a Japanese native.

I’m laying out the letter and wanted to add at the end a sentence like : “This letter was kindly translated from English by Hiro, an actor, musician and artist currently based in Paris, France”.

Anyone can help me on this ?

Also, should I lay out the whole thing vertically? I personally don’t think this person will be “picky” on this aspect (he seems to be a pretty “laid back” guy with previous experience working with westerners). That said, I have very limited knowledge of Japanese etiquette on these things.


ヒロさんに通訳なさいました? Or maybe 「ヒロさんにお通訳になさいました」? I don’t really know and am interested myself. Polite Japanese is hard.

But I have a feeling “kindly translated by someone” would use the honorific form なさる of the verb する, instead of an adverb creating the politeness like in English (“kindly”).

Anyone else knows better?

I think you answered your own question there. But then, why not impress him by going the extra mile and laying it out vertically? :slight_smile:


Maybe something like この手紙はヒロという方が翻訳してくださいました。ヒロさんはパリに住んでいる俳優、音楽家、そしてアーティストです。


Because noone actually writes letters vertically any more? :stuck_out_tongue:


This looks good. Please ignore what I wrote before.

But it’s a contact letter. Don’t all sorts of business letters follow more traditional patterns like Dogen points out here? :grin:

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Haha, this video is hilarious!

You guys are amazing, thank you! So I’ll go with:

I’ll type it in smaller character after the main text.

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Here’s another translation for you from a Japanese native.



:sob: It’s beautiful. @nopiro ignore my clumsy attempt, this is the real deal.


Don’t sell yourself short! Your translation is great! Yours is just a more casual approach.


Thank you so much @mtp5072!

@jneapan I wish I could grasp why it’s better than your proposal but I’ll have to come back to this thread in a few months. ; )


In Japanese アーティスト usually only refers to the musical kind so shouldn’t it be something like 芸術家? (depending on the craft). I assume ‘artist’ refers to something else here than music since wouldn’t it be a bit redundant to have ‘musician’ there then as well?


So the letter is laid out (horizontally :wink: ) and has been shared to the executive producer. Next move is in her hands! (on a side note, I picked the font Source Han Sans JP which seemed very clean)

This letter is for a really exciting project but still highly hypothetical… :crossed_fingers: If it’s getting solid I’ll make sure to share info here on WaniKani forums!

Thanks again for your help!


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