Partners into Pain Level 11 in April 2019


So this is hopefully going to get me a few fellow travellers… I should level up in about 9 hours time, and then it is time for my journey into the pain zone… Who will come with me? @trunklayer
I have been travelling at about 8 days to the level recently…


I hope to do so, although I’m one level behind you :sweat_smile:
Still, thank you, I’ll do my best!


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I just reached level 11 two days ago!


I’m in pain right now :’) I tend to have about ten day level ups I think…


Three more hours for me… I am nervous!

I may be able to catch up, but I think my retention is already a bit weak on the first 10 levels.


I’m going to be heading into the pain levels pretty soon too!
I’m a bit apprehensive about it, but it’s probably not going to be a lot different from before, right? Right? :sweat_smile:

It seems like I take around 9 to 13 days per level, recently, but I think I’m probably going to be slowing down now, since there’s other things I need to do too. Though with WaniKani’ being so fun, it’s sometimes hard not to get distracted…


Been doing 2 week levels. You guys will get out of Pain before I do. xD


It sure is nice to have company while heading into the pain :DD. Been doing two week levels too.


I’m in pain now! I previously was going at 7/8 days per level but currently the new stuff are harder, i need “cool down” days where i dont learn stuff and just review (or I’ve screwed up during the new kanji review sessions and got extended). Currently going about 12 days per level

Lets study together! :star_struck:


Scripts, scripts, scripts is the ans

wer. Since I got them I am getting less than 8 days to a level (but once I just rested for 4 days after levelling up)!
And WK Companion on Android as well as the website
There are other places to get information on scripts, but I like the Ultimate Time Line best of all, with reordering scripts coming in a close second.

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Welcome to WaniKani Community! Have a look at this post if you haven’t seen it before… It is the from someone I consider one of the ultimate sempais of wk.

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Right now I am leaving my Vocabulary to stew while I get the new kanji and radicals onto Apprentice 3. Then I hit the new vocab at about 15 a day (actually the reorder causes my lessons to crash so it is too frustration to do a hundred at a time anyway!) and then start drilling the all my apprentice vocab from the previous level on my cellphone. Once things Guru I let SRL do its darndest to put them into my long term memory.


I’m about to be there with you, Monday 10pm I’ll hit 11.


It hurts so good


I’m level thirteen but it would be fun to have some company through the pain of the next few months :smile:


Since I’ve got over 100 apprentice items and around 450 guru items, I’m putting myself on a lesson cool down for two, maybe three days, so I can get those numbers down.


do you have a reorder script? If you do then it pays to just do lessons until the first vocab comes up then stop and work on getting your apprentice items down. For me Guru stays high no matter what I do so I don’t worry about that as long as I keep moving…

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That timeline script is a wonder! Just knowing when you have to be on WK makes the world of difference…

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I just entered Level 11 (into the painful realm) a couple of weeks ago. The very first post I made about it, I said it really wasn’t that painful, but it actually is! My speed in WaniKani is slowing down because of it. I wish you and myself good luck. This is now becoming a painful journey, but the cake is worth it, right? xD


I left Japan 20 years ago with a level of Japanese that was not a marketable skill. I hope to change that, but there is a looong way to go! But if I get there, it will be worth it…