How much time do you spend on a level?

Hi! Never posted to the community before, but I finally thought of a topic to bring up. I feel like I’m having trouble finding a balance between reviews and lessons. I just reached level 12 and am back in the boat of never catching up on reviews and never getting through lessons because I’m afraid to add to my reviews. Therefore, I feel like I’m moving through the levels slower than most. I was wondering on average, how long do people spend on a level? My average is 11 days. It’s okay to tell me I’m moving slow, I was just wondering where I stand!


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Don’t worry, 11 days is pretty good. My average is around 11-12 days per level. And it is not a speed contest, so you can move at a slower pace as everyone has different priorities.

You tend to see the posts of 7 day levelers because they are outliers. I am confident that at least 90% of the group averages on 11 days or higher.

Get frustrated, have fun and learn together :grin:


To answer your question, I level up twice in a month so I guess I level up between 14-16 days? I do 10 lessons a day, mix of 4 kanji, 6 vocab. Radicals are done right away. Once all the kanji in the level has been on the queue, 10 vocab each day.

As an aside though, I think the pace that you choose is the best pace for you imho. If you feel like you can handle more, add 5-10 lessons per day. If it becomes too much either cut lessons completely or just lower the amount you do per day.

You’ll be fine. Just remember that this is not a race but a journey. We all go at different speeds depending on our individual situations. The fact that you are moving forward is already a good thing.

All the best on your journey!


I also work at about 11 days per level and think it’s the perfect pace! I don’t have to worry about constantly stressing about missing questions or having to do every lesson immediately. Like @KyokaJiro said, the people who move incredibly fast usually post their progress, and people (the majority at that) who move at a more average pace of 11+ days don’t generally post it. So definitely don’t feel like you’re moving slow or anything. I think stressing over speed is silly anyways, just move at a pace you find doable and to avoid burning out. Good luck on the studies!


Thanks for the replies! This makes me feel better. I have a bad habit of giving up on things if I don’t feel like I’m doing well enough, so you all help me not feel discouraged! One challenge I do meet is after I get the last needed kanji to guru and I level up, I sometimes have about 100 vocab lessons to get through before I can learn the radical/kanji for the new level! It’s a little frustrating to me, but I understand that learning vocab is important too.


You’re doing just fine.


But honestly, whatever pace works for you is the best pace for you. There is some good advice in the forums on a good way to balance lessons and reviews and even how to get through those vocab lessons without slowing down your level up time, but it’s really all down to how you personally learn and how many items you can comfortably take on at once. If you feel you’re learning at a good pace and aren’t having too much trouble with the number of lessons you do each day, you’re probably just fine.


Anywhere between a month to 11 days :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

In my opinion it is best not to worry about what anyone else is doing and take your own pace. If you go too quickly than what would normally be to your liking, you may find yourself quickly approaching a burn out period


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Hi from メキシコ!

I level up once every month, since I also have to spent a lot of my time working.

However, I do so in order to reinforce my kanji studies with my Japanese classes.

When advancing too fast you may forget readings and you may start confusing similar kanjis.

I’d suggest going at a speed you feel confortable with, but, also remember that you may want to spend some time with grammar.

Good luck!


I average about 10-11 days per level and do the following:

  • 20 lessons per day
  • keep Apprentice around 100

It’s been manageable for me long term to do it this way.

At this pace I have around 150 reviews per day with decent accuracy.


I think 11 days is a really good time! You need 3/4 days to guru the radicals and 3/4 days for the kanjis, so that’s a minimum of 7 days. BUT! Remember that at the beginning of a level, you need to learn the vocab of the previous level, so there you have another 3/4 days. So we are talking about 11 days, more or less, at a pretty fast speed!

If you want to do a level in 7/8 days, as some people here, you need to install the Lesson Filter, in order to start learning radicals and kanjis right at the beginning of the level (you learn the vocabulary while you wait for the reviews). This gives you more freedom because you can choose what you want to learn. But if you are not careful, you can fall behind with vocabulary lessons.

I use the Lesson Filter so if I have a week without much work, I level in 7/8 days. And if I’m too busy, I slow down a little and do the level in 11 days.

Edit: As other people said, the real challenge is not burning out. Enjoy the trip!


Like everyone else, I would say you’re going just fine, definitely not slower than most. I personally used to take from 2 weeks to a month per level. As long as the pace works for you and isn’t overwhelming or burning you out. Lesson pace does control how many reviews you have, but you don’t have to do a certain amount or go a certain speed to do Wanikani well. Wanikani is a long marathon, so it’s important to do it in a way that works for you, not works for other people.
Also, since it’s your first time posting:

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It’s great to have you here!

If you haven’t already check out the Forum Guidelines and the Wanikani User Guide .
There’s also tonnes of things on the forums to help you on your way such as The Guide, The Ultimate Resource List, and API and Third Party Apps.

If you have any questions, check out this thread; but if this doesn’t answer your questions, feel free to create a thread like you’re done here, or email The Wanikani staff.

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing you around!


Uh yeah, 11 days is really fast.

I’m paying for that 11 day level 13 now. 20 days is much more comfortable.

Don’t believe the WK marketing hype. 7 day levels require almost perfect accuracy and an insane amount of reviews on the hour, every hour.


What @lautarov said. Speed doesn’t matter. Consistency does.


The math for your reviews 171099 divided by your 575 days on Wanikani put you at 297.56 reviews per day.

The math isn’t going to work out because I had some troubles last November as documented here:

Going through all that is the reason that I settled on my current pace.

I spent a lot of time on WK a few levels ago and was getting through them quickly for me (I think 8-10 days. Then I started to get more reviews than were comfortable. Over a couple of levels I reduced my apprentice + guru count to 600 max, and only do the number of lessons required to reach that 600 - some days none, and a maximum of 10 per day. I hope this is going to keep my ongoing workload from WK much more comfortable, and if it takes an extra year or two, I don’t really have any need to “race to 60”. When this strategy leaves me with easy WK days I use the extra time for reading and grammar etc, and I’m at a level where native reading is becoming almost fun, instead of frustrating. Having made this conscious decision has left me feeling very happy with the whole WK process. Good luck to OP in finding a comfortable way of progressing that fits into their lifestyle.


Before I reset I had a very inconsistent pace, but many levels were around 12 days, if I recall correctly. Now I’m going at a comfortable 7-8 days per level (with some outliers here and there).

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