Are you getting faster or slower as you progress?

I love reviewing my study statistics :nerd: and recently I notice I’ve been picking up the pace! I was averaging around 2 weeks per level (with the exception of going on holidays) but since entering the Painful phase I’ve actually sped up to around 11 days per level.

Granted I am working slightly harder but also I think it’s down to having fewer radicals to get out the way before I can unlock all those juicy kanji… It’s just a bit unexpected as I thought I would be getting slower and slower as my total number of reviewable items continues to mount!

Did anyone find this when entering Painful - and did it keep going or do you actually get crushed by a ton of reviews by the time you reach Death??

Any general tips on what to expect on this wondrous journey, I’d love to hear them :slight_smile:

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Faster, though it helps that they literally changed the system to allow faster progress during my time here.


Faster, as I prepare the Kanji before I level up. I also prepare the vocab before the batch of vocab comes up. I get used to the system.

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Slower. 1-30 was relatively fast for me. I think it took me about a year to go from 30 to 40. I’ve been stuck on a backlog in level 42 for over a month now (I haven’t even touched my lessons for level 42 yet).

But I also moved to France and started studying French in that time. Who knows what would have happened had I stayed in the US.

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If we’re going to share our graphs lol…
Levels 3 and 13 are where I went out of the country :smiley:
As you can see my timings have never been particularly uniform!!

And I seriously have no idea why level 2 took me so long


I think I can let you off if you are learning a second language in the middle of it all!

Tbh once I really got into doing this, it did make we want to do an ‘easier’ language (read: uses the same alphabet) on the side, but then I worry about getting the two constantly mixed up - even if the two languages were totally different.

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I started going to a Japanese <-> French conversation table this year. Oh gosh, I’ve said some weird things in Japafranglish there.


That happened to me for a while when I was learning Spanish and Tlingit (a native Alaskan language) at the same time. Pretty much as different as they get (Tlingit is tonal and has a lot of glottal sounds), but I still would catch myself mixing them up when I was trying to speak! Woe is the language learner.

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No idea.

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Oh my god, I never realized how slow I was going before seeing your graphs. How do you do it? o__O Recently I’ve been itching to go faster, but still I’ve been on this level for 14 days… Ahh…

Maybe I’ve been just busy, cough

(Don’t mind the 621 days at level 16 :smiley: obviously took a break from WK)

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I’ve been getting slower since level 9, I don’t. I used to be at an average of about 11 days for 6 levels then found taking 15/16 days for level 9 and 10. I think that 15 days is closer to my natural pace but I feel I can become faster 12/13 days with some planning. (I knew many JLPT5 kanji before starting wanikani).

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Hmm probably slowed down at first then started to speed up perhaps? the higher levels FEEL so much longer even if I do them quickly though, probably because they take that much more effort T.T

Yo all these graphs from an extension or summit?

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Partly because I started getting a little snowed under, but also because learning new kanji has become a lot less important to me now. I started WK because I’d basically got to a point where if I wanted to progress in Japanese, I really had to start learning kanji properly. Now, it’s arguably my strongest point in the language so I’m focusing more on reading, speaking, grammar, reinforcing what I already know and just casually adding new lessons to WK when I feel like it.

No matter what happens, though, I’ll always have you, level 19.


Slower for sure. Even though I havn’t got that far yet (And I’m beggining to dread a bit for painful). Seems like I forget some items if I’m not exposed to them for a while as well, been realizing that I forget a few of my master items when I havn’t seen them for a while. Also seems like specific kanjis are harder for me to learn than others which have a bigger impact on my progress.

So far though I think I have done pretty ok, and I hope I will progress in the same fashion in the future. I tend to keep my apprentice items below 150 and it has worked pretty well so far, I rather learn everything properly than getting swarmed :smiley:

Also, when all the vocabs, kanji and radicals are mixed in the lessons and I try not to swarm myself those few kanjis or radicals I need to level up, will slow down the process. But I don’t really mind that much since it’s harder the regular way than having them one by one. Might try out a re-order script later on though.

Seems like this level will be one of my out of the norm levels too, because I havn’t got as much time to go on wankani.

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I’ve been pretty consistent with my slowness.

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At the moment I’m going faster for sure. Of course, last year for most of the year I wasn’t doing anything but the things required for basic survival, so I was on level 8 for a bit over 300 days which would make any progress faster this year. I picked up again at the beginning of the year, and just looking at my average since I came back I’m running 10 days per level since hitting level 9 on 1/19/17 right now. Since level 13 I’ve been consistently under 10 days, with 17 being my quickest at 7 days, 17 hours. It’s only because I really want to hit level 20 by my birthday next month, so I’ve been using the reorder script and I’m running a bit of a vocabulary backlog–though trying to keep it from getting too out of control. Once I hit 20 I’ll slow down a bit and work on digging my way out of that.

I don’t have any good reason for making level 20 my goal in this time frame, but I still want to hit it maybe just to prove that I can since it’s taken me so long to get this far after two nearly year-long hiatus periods and the fact that I didn’t start right away when I first signed up either. Aside from the personal satisfaction, it’s a pretty pointless goal, but I’m okay with that. Thanks to those hiatus periods, I think I’ll refrain from sharing the mess that is my duration graph. :sweat_smile:

For me it doesn’t really depend on the level but whether I’m on vacation or not. When I’m on vacation I sometimes use the vacation mode (which by definition makes the level longer), or sometimes I do only several dozen reviews a day.

last month or so i have been going slower, seem to be getting a load of burn stuff around boosting my queue up plus am also studying more in other areas so seem to be getting more behind. hoping to start doing new lessons again soon but feel like i need it to calm down for awhile first!!