Override Script

Hi guys, how does the Override Script works? And for what is it used for? Correct me if I’m wrong but it let’s you “rewind” your last question right?

If so, I was avoiding installing it since I didn’t think it was useless, but lately I’ve been realizing that it is. For example:

-> 先生 (せんせい) - I got this one wrong because I wrote せんせいい but the problem is that I wrote with two い because I sometimes got confused because I have to double tab “n” to make ん, the same happens with ん, I know the correct answer but because of having to double tap I got it wrong, ex.: こんにちは, sometimes I write こんいちは but it only happens because I have to tap 3 times in a row on “n” to make んに…

My question is, is Override Script used to “rewind” our last answer?

Thanks in advance!

Yeah it basically unmarks it as wrong and then allows for it to come up again sometime in your reviews, though not necessarily right away

Something like the Double Check script allows you to click an icon to retype your answer right away if that’s what you’re looking for (or allows you to go ahead and mark it correct if you don’t want to retype)



Yeah, what I really want is to retype my answer right away, thank you for the advice!

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