Your thoughts on the margin of error for review answers?

Okay, I just burned この前, but the thing is, I didn’t actually write the correct answer. I had the meaning confused with 当たり前, but it was considered correct anyway because there are five shared letters between “previous” and “obvious”.

I couldn’t undo my answer with the Override script, so the only way for me to fix this is to manually unburn that word, resetting it to the first Apprentice level, which kinda sucks.
I wish there was some way to change the margin of error to maybe one letter, so this couldn’t (or at least shouldn’t) happen.
There are some cases where you need to write something really specific, like when I got an error here because I phrased it in the one way they didn’t include among the answers:

Something like that can easily be solved with the Override script though, so it’s not as big of a problem.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Have you ever run into any similar issues?

(Also, maybe there’s actually some script for this already that I don’t know about, in which case I’d be glad if you’d tell me.)


You could use the Double-Check script, which allows to undo answers that were marked correct. I would also recommend changing the action for typos from “ignore” to “warn/shake” in the Double-Check settings menu.


Sounds like a decent solution! I assume I can replace Override with this script? (I noticed they both use the Escape key, so I figure they might interfere with each other.)

Yes, you won’t need the Override script if you use Double-Check, so just replace it.
EDIT: I just remembered that the Double-Check script only runs during reviews and not during lessons, so you will lose the ability to override during lessons. But this should not be necessary anyway.

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I use Double-Check as well, it’s a great script. Allowing some leniency for typos is nice but it does lead to some problems – the one that got me was when I accidentally wrote “west” instead of “east”.

Nah, it’s definitely not a problem. Errors during lessons don’t affect the SRS afaik, so I don’t mind if the script doesn’t work there.

Anyway, I’ll replace Override with Double-Check now then and see what it’s like! Thanks for the tip!


This is an understandable mistake. You were probably thinking of 当たり前 instead of この前. @JenK can add “obvious” to the blacklist of この前.

False-correct answer is my primary reason to use the “close but no cigar” script.
If I spend so much time learning a language, let’s make sure I learn it right :

It’s frustrating because of their own inconsistencies, especially with “close and near”. Sometimes they want to you close and sometimes near. Both should be accepted.

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