Figuring out the right SRS to work with Wanikani & Genki!

Hello all! I am a huuuge fan of Wanikani and I’m now at a point of starting Genki 1 (currently level 12 in wanikani) and want to start an SRS for my non-kanji vocabulary as SIMILAR to wanikani as possible. A couple things:

  • Preferably it works on iPad. I LOVE using the Japanese keyboard for hiragana and like the idea of keeping my learning mostly contained and available for on-the-go.
  • I studied Japanese 2 years in high school and one semester in college (where I used genki gen. 1) and my greatest difficulty was always “here’s a new list of 30 vocab. Know it by Monday”. This is why wanikani has worked so well for me so finding an SRS this is similar is the goal.
    -I know some SRS have pre-loaded decks—are there ones that have decks that work along with Genki? If not I’m fine to enter it all myself!

I fully read the SRS page on Tofugu’s learning Japanese section but it didn’t really give me a great sense of direction. I was hoping as the creators of wanikani, they would have had a preference or a model that they most closely followed.

Perhaps this conversation is already somewhere else in the community, but any help or leads would be so appreciated :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3:


P.s. I just got the Neuro Fuzzy Zojirushi for Xmas and #lifechanging :rice::rice::rice:

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Welcome to the community :sunflower:

Are you familiar with Anki? There seems to be a lot of shared decks for Genki made by other people. Maybe have a look if something looks interesting.

With a little bit of customizing you can make it look pretty similar to WK:


Other people like services like Kitsun. I’m pretty sure they do have Genki decks as well.

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As you are LV 12, I think you should know most of the Genki I book vocab by now… But you can use a Genki deck on Anki (free) or Kitsun (paid service).

Another option, which i think is the best one for you, is to add each word you don’t know (there wont be a lot in Genki I) to a service like KameSame (wich works great in iPad browser + uses japanese input keyboard).
KameSame uses the same system that WaniKani uses (if im not mistaken). And the interface is great, you just search the word you don’t know, add to “LEARN” and the SRS magic begins.

1 Like also has the ‘fill-in-the-blank’ built in I’m pretty sure, but it’s a paid service. Anki can do this too with some formatting, but the iPad app is $20 and I’m not sure what customization it supports.

I used for Genki vocab bc it’s free and has an app. It’s not my favorite SRS though because it has a lot of multiple choice questions, and feels really gamey. Idk I don’t know how good retention would be with it, but an easy place to start.


I am using these resources alongside the Genki textbooks to supplement what I’m learning.
These are wonderfully well-made and free to use.
Memrise will provide the SRS system. The Seth Clydesdale site is great in that you have options in how to be tested. I use ‘type in answer’ for the extra challenge!

Genki I - vocab
Genki I - grammar

Seth Clydesdale’s
Genki I - study resource

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I used memrise, and it worked really well. I learned the words for both Genki I and Genki II with it. I liked that it asks to write the word as well.

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