Ouran High School Host Club 🌸 Book Club // Starting Volume 4 on Feb 3rd, 2024 (桜蘭高校ホスト部)

Yup! First one goes up Saturday this week (or Friday if it fits my schedule better to post it then)!


Awesome! I’m reading a smidge early (overeager lol), so hopefully I’ll have time to gather my thoughts


And our first week is here! :tada:

And I just remembered I forgot to add the end panel for the week, I’ll do that right now!


I think that most, if not all, of us hit a bit of brick wall with this manga that none of us were expecting. :joy:

So, considering that, would you guys like to slow down? Maybe divide this first chapter and the next one in three, and then hope by the third chapter we are ready for half chapters per week?

I know some people have already finished reading this week, so adding another week on to this first one seems a bit sad for them. Especially if they made an extra effort to manage it. So that was why I was thinking divide it in three, because it means those that already finished just has a head start on the next week.

Alternatively, I could divide next week into two, and then re-divide chapter two into three parts.

The reason I’m suggesting divide chapter 2 too, is because I’d rather do that now than be in the same situation as now in a few weeks. While I feel like we will have a better idea during chapter 2 if we need to divide chapter 3 too, because it is far off yet.

Well, in the grand tradition of WK book clubs, I’ll put it to a poll!

I’ll go through the multiple yes options before the poll, because they are a bit wordy.

Option A: Yes, please slow down in this manner: Divide chapter 1 and 2 in three, and thereby changing which page this current week ends on. Meaning those who have already finished, will be ahead.

Option B: Yes, please slow down in this manner: Leave week 1 alone, and halve chapter 1 - part 2, and divide chapter 2 in three.

Option C: Yes, and you are fine with either A or B, OR you have a better slow down idea. Please comment below if it is the better idea part of C.

Should we slow down?
  • Yes, option A
  • Yes, option B
  • Yes, option C
  • No, please don’t
  • I’m fine with what the majority decides (meaning yes or no, and most/all yes options)

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Seems we are in favor of slowing down the schedule and since a new week starts on Saturday. I’ll leave the poll open until I’m sitting down to redo the schedule, but this is what I’m thinking now. (I was gonna close it but realized it hadn’t even been 24 hours, and I’m not doing the redoing the schedule this minute anyway.)

With option C in majority, I would have personally preferred to use option A, but that would make the threads weird, which I only realized after posting my message yesterday. (See I knew my brain wasn’t all the way there. :joy:) And I don’t think trying to move posts is the answer since they might be about multiple weeks suddenly.

So instead I’m going to halve Part 2. So in essence this first week is going to be double the length of week 2 and 3. But hopefully that should give people time to catch up if they can’t quite finish week 1 by Saturday (I’m probably in that camp myself, but partly due to having a busy week…). And we won’t have any weirdness with posts in the wrong place.

I’ll also look through chapter 2 (but probably not have that done by Saturday) for spots to cut it in three parts. I’ll aim to make chapter 2’s page count ramp into potentially tackling chapter 3 in 2 parts.

I’m really hoping we’ll be used to some of the outrageous speech patterns by then. ^^


This is how I adjusted the schedule:

Week Start Date Chapter Page Numbers Page Count
Week 1 May 20th Chapter 1 - Part 1 3 - 26 24
Week 2 May 27th Chapter 1 - Part 2 27 - 40 14
Week 3 Jun 3rd Chapter 1 - Part 3 41 - 54 14
Week 4 Jun 10th Chapter 2 - Part 1 55 - 66 12
Week 5 Jun 17th Chapter 2 - Part 2 67 - 82 16
Week 6 Jun 24th Chapter 2 - Part 3 83 - 106 24
Week 7 Jul 1st Chapter 3 - Part 1 107 - 137 31
Week 8 Jul 8th Chapter 3 - Part 2 138 - 158 21
Week 9 Jul 15th 番外編〜ハニー先輩[…]〜 + Egoistic Club 159 - 177 19

I found good breaking points for all of them, and I hope the ramp up works well in chapter 2. I know the gap between 16 and 24 seems quite high, but while I could potentially move the break 3 pages forward, 2 of those pages have so little text it felt a bit underwhelming, especially since the current break between part 2 and 3 of chapter 2 is as good as it can get (time skip!).

I also double checked why chapter 3 was split in such an uneven way, and that is because that is a natural split, while moving the split earlier would be smack dab in the middle of a flow that seemed confusing to break in the middle of.

But hopefully the ramp I managed to build in chapter 2 will work, and also you know, we’ll be more used to their shenanigans 100 pages in.

Let me know what you think of the new splitting of chapter 2. The chapter 1 split is going live as soon as I can finish the new thread after posting this (I’ll be too busy tomorrow to do it timely then).

We’ll check back in on speed in chapter 2 again, and see if we need to divide chapter 3 into three too. But until then, hopefully this schedule will be a bit gentler for us all. :smiley:


And here is week 2:


I only just saw the most recent posts about difficulty, I’m happy with the outcome. This week is not ideal reading conditions for me, so I took a look, went “nope”, and moved to an easier manga :see_no_evil:


Last third of chapter 1 this week:

No end panel needed this week. Yay!


Starting chapter 2 this week, part 1 of 3:


And now part 2 of 3 for chapter 2:


I just went through and fixed all the page numbers for chapter 2 : part 1 in the vocabulary sheet. I think the confusion comes from that I always include the title page in the page numbers, so they were all off by one. No problem. Love everyone who adds to the vocabulary sheet.

Just know that when we start chapter 3, for those reading physical, the first page will be the title page (numbered 107). :slight_smile:

Another tip if you need help figuring out the page numbers:

  • Right hand pages are even
  • Left hand pages are odd

With a manga with literally 0 page numbers, it isn’t surprising that we get it wrong sometimes. ^^

Edit: Also please let me know if/when page number coloring has broken and I’ll fix it. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m definitely guilty of breaking the number colors somehow :no_mouth: thanks for the head’s up (I might have also messed up the numbering from the pages as I contributed quite a bit to the vocab sheet… will double check for the next part and hopefully since you’ve corrected it now, I’ll get it right this time!)


The last part of chapter 2 is here:


I want to note that after this week, we only have 3 weeks left for this volume. While I think it is a little early the poll on break between volumes, anyone reading physical and wanting to continue with the club, should definitely look into and possible order volume 2 soon. I thought I should give that heads up. :slight_smile:


And we’re back to dividing chapters in half, although this half is longer than the second half. It is the best stopping point in the chapter though, in my opinion.

After this we have two weeks left, so I’ll be setting up polls for breaks and schedule considerations for volume 2 sometime next week.


Poll time for breaks between vol 1 and 2 and schedule for volume 2

How long should the break be between vol 1 and 2?
  • One week
  • Two weeks
  • No break
  • Other [please comment!]

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The contents of volume 2 is as follows:

  • Chapters 4-7 (4 of them), page 4 - 143, each chapter averages 35 pages
  • ロマンティック・エゴイスト, page 144 - 184, 41 pages
  • Egoist club, page 185 - 188, 4 pages

ロマンティック・エゴイスト is a one chapter story written/drawn by the mangaka 3 years before starting Ouran. So as far as I can tell it has nothing to do with Ouran. (I flipped through quite a bit of it.)

Egoist club is only 4 pages and 2 of those are only about ロマンティック・エゴイスト.

Counting all the pages in chapter 4 it came up to 45ish (I immediately forgot the exact number but I’m not about to count again right now :sob:). So clearly at least one chapter have to be shorter than the 35 page average (I just divided the whole page count for the chapters by 4).

The way I see it, there are two polls needed. Whether to include the unrelated story or not, and reading pace one. For Egoist club: if the unrelated story is read, then just include it at the end of that; if it isn’t included, just discuss the Ouran related stuff from that in the last thread/week of the volume.

Read the unrelated story ロマンティック・エゴイスト as part of the club?
  • Yes
  • No

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I usually include an “either is fine” option, but considering this is completely unrelated, I’d like to know which way each person is leaning.

Schedule is not as easy a thing to consider. Our weekly page count looked like this for volume 1 (and remember we changed the schedule right after week one): 24, 14, 14, 12, 16, 24, 31, 21, 19.

I think we should either go for a similar speed as we had towards the end of volume 1 or speeding up. But I will include an alternative a bit slower than that. From slowest to fastest, here are the options I think will work:

Schedule A: Aim for 20 pages per week. Chapters below and around 30 pages will probably be read in one week (depending on how the schedule is coming together overall), but once it gets past 32 pages it will definitely be divided.

Schedule B: Similar as towards the end of volume 1. So 25-30 pages per week is the goal, and that will fluctuate a bit depending on chapters. If a chapter hits 40 pages, definitely divide it in two. If a chapter is around 35, read it in one go.

Schedule C: With an average page count of 35 pages per chapter, just go for one chapter a week. The shorter chapters can give a chance to catch up after a longer chapter. (If ロマンティック・エゴイスト is included, its 41 page chapter would follow the same speed.)

Schedule D: Divide four chapters across three weeks. Hopefully two shorter chapters are right after each other. Rough average of 46 pages per week, but really depends on chapter lengths. (If ロマンティック・エゴイスト is included, read that in one week. Aka volume 2 will be read over four weeks.)

Which schedule(s) would you like (see info above)?
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

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Hopefully I didn’t miss a type of schedule someone would like. If so, let me know soon, so I can redo the poll with a new option. If this manga lowered itself to having page numbers, I might have done this a bit more specifically, but alas it doesn’t.

Anyone who has an ebook version, and who can get me the page number of the start of each chapter (title pages are a part of a chapter just like the ToC does so the first page of each chapter is most likely the first title page for the chapter) would help me a lot! In fact, it would be fine to just give me the page number of the first title page for each chapter (#5-7 since #4 is in the ToC) and if there are any pages before the title page for a chapter, I can count those out myself.

All the polls will stay open for 7 days, so I will close them sometime after noon on July 12 (CEST).


Second (and last) part of chapter 3:

Next week will be the last of this volume. Don’t forget to vote in the polls in the post above this one :bangbang:


Right our volume 2 poll results!

We’ll take a 1 week break. The unrelated 1-chapter story included in volume 2 will be read with the club.

The majority preferred schedule B, so 25-30 pages per week is the aim. The 35-39 page range of chapters will either be split or not, depending on the length of the weeks around it. Basically, I will have to see how the chapters fall.

@ChristopherFritz Any chance I can get the page number of the start of chapter 5-7 (title pages included)? Thanks!

If I have those, I will have to do a lot less page counting. ^^

Last week of volume 1 is here, with an unnumbered chapter about Honey-senpai:


When the main story starts on page 4, does that mean the character bio page or the title page?

Actually, if I look at the other two TOC items, I can see it is the title page.

The Kobo EBUP image files are named one off from the page number. For example, page0005.jpg is page 4.

I might mess up the numbers, so I’ll provide both. The Kobo file name will be correct, and the page number is my calculation (minus one), which I hope will be correct.

Filename Page Notes
page0005.jpg 4 Chapter 4 title page. (Well, we already know this one…)
page0048.jpg 47 Chapter 5 title page.
page0080.jpg 79 Chapter 6 first page. (This one has a number at the bottom of the page!)
page0111.jpg 110 Chapter 7 title page.
Bonus: Proof of Math Formula