Ouran High School Host Club 🌸 Book Club // Starting Volume 4 on Feb 3rd, 2024 (桜蘭高校ホスト部)

I made a one- or two-pixel height change to a row to get the cropped cover to fit in more perfectly. (It had a one-pixel area of whitespace at the to and bottom.) And that shows that it’s editable now, so all good to go there.

As for cover colors, the English release has an even odder shade of red:


One of my all time favorite mangas! I was reading them as they came out.

Considering joining if one of the manga cafes near me has it (which is likely) and I have the time (less certain haha).


What about having both?


True. I guess I could use the poll to decide which one goes first.

The title is already long enough that in notifications it doesn’t always show the whole thing (on laptop). So now that I add the Japanese title at the very end, it definitely won’t show it all. But I guess that isn’t a problem. ^^

Also in the first line in the OP I reversed it to show the Japanese title first and added the furigana to 部 since it is read クラブ and not ぶ. ^^


Even if it doesn’t show, it’ll be a lot easier to search for now :slight_smile:


I didn’t think of that! :flushed:

That is a very good reason to have the Japanese title too. :smiley: Thank you!


For the names part of the vocabulary sheet: There are good headshot ability of most club members on page 6 (I think), the いらっしゃいませ page. (Perhaps not Mori-senpai though.) The best Mori-senpai picture I could find (where there aren’t speech bubbles and such in the way) was the show-the-whole-club pictures in the first couple of pages of chapter 3. And I’m not sure I found one of Haruhi without stupid speech bubbles covering some of the hair.

Another option for all of them is to pick them from the last few pages (of volume 1) that are character sheets, although I’d say not all of them look entirely like their normal self. Like Kyouya who is smiling (in that way). OBS! If you haven’t seen the anime or read the manga before, don’t check out those character pages, they are at the end for a reason.

@ChristopherFritz Are you okay taking screenshoots and adding them?

Otherwise I’ll do them myself at a later date. I strained my eyes enough skimming text and looking at the samme small furigana to make sure I had the full names correct for the main characters. (How did “small” become “samme” when my fingers typed it… O_O)

I’d also say at least one more character will need to be added later, but since they don’t show up until later in the volume, I’ll save adding them for when they show up with the club.


No problem! I should’ve probably said that when I first suggested it since that is the reason why I suggested it :sweat_smile:

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Done. Let me know if you would like any swapped out for a specific other image.


uk here, i got mine from mandarake, there were a few copies of the full set when i ordered but that was well over a month ago now so i’m not sure what stock will be like now


Works great, thanks a lot. :heart:

Are you sure you got the twins right though? Not that I have any clue myself. :joy:

Yup. I just think, “Hikaru, he’s like me (same hair part)”. Works every time to know who’s who unless they purposefully swap hairstyles to trick people.


I’ll freely admit I have never really been able to tell them apart, except after a certain anime episode and then most of the ones after that. (The one where one of them is really horrible to Haruhi’s childhood classmate.)

Maybe it’ll be easier to learn in the manga. ^^

Also glad no one had spotted my spelling mistake for one of the names. xD


The anime makes it a bit easier as they have different voice actors (at least in Japanese and English), so the way they speak has clear differences. I feel like their personalities are more distinct in the anime, but that may just be an illusion from them having different voice actors.


I thought I should remind everyone that we are starting next week! So hype! :smiley:


I almost forgot, I’m so excited!! OHSHC seems a bit more text-dense than other manga I’ve read, but I’m hyped to give it a good ol’ college try (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ


Yay! I pulled my copy off the “reading soon” shelf and took a look, thinking maybe I’d get a little head start and … now I think I know how to make all my other reading feel easier!


Could this post be marked as the solution please?


Sure, no problem. I will be posting the mid-chapter ending panels in the weekly threads they relate to. So that post won’t be the only place they are later. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!


Will you post the weekly threads on the start date then?