Ouran High School Host Club 🌸 Book Club // Starting Volume 4 on Feb 3rd, 2024 (桜蘭高校ホスト部)

Much appreciated! Because of this I know I won’t have to split chapter 5-7 because they fall within an acceptable range, and I only need to split chapter 4 and the extra story. :bowing_woman:


If you happen to visit Japan before the end of the month, you might be able to luck out if someone cancels their limited run Ouran cafe reservation!

It was a lot of fun and my faith in anime cafes having good food is restored. Everything was absolutely delicious and possibly destroyed my stomach lol


We’re on break this week. I will be finalizing the schedule (for volume 2) this week, sorry I haven’t gotten to it earlier.

We’re not that many reading, and if anyone starts feeling like they can’t keep up, please speak up. I’m sure I’m not the only one that would be willing to slow down for a week to keep the readers we do have. :slight_smile:


So I realized that I’m pushing myself too hard to be able to keep up with this club, but the difference in speed between what other members are voting for and what would be comfortable for me was so large that it barely seemed worth mentioning. (Right now I think I could safely commit to reading 8-12 pages per week.)

I will definitely read this series eventually, and I’m sure this club will be a great resource when I do, but for now I think it’s just beyond my capacity.


Are we reading until page 46 for the upcoming week?

No, definitely not. I’ve been meaning to make the schedule, sorry I’m a bit late on that.

The first chapter (of volume 2) will be split, and I’m hoping there is a good split somewhere in the middle. Otherwise I’ll just split halfway through.

I will get to making the schedule sometime today, and it (and the thread for the week) should be available in time to start reading on Saturday.


Here is the schedule for volume 2:

Start Date Chapter Page Numbers Page Count
Jul 29th Chapter 4 - Part 1 4 - 24 21
Aug 5th Chapter 4 - Part 2 25 - 46 22
Aug 12th Chapter 5 47 - 77 31
Aug 19th Chapter 6 79 - 108 30
Aug 26th Chapter 7 110 - 143 34
Sep 2nd ロマンティック・エゴイスト - Part 1 145 - 166 22
Sep 9th ロマンティック・エゴイスト - Part 2 + Egoistic Club 167 - 188 22

Will get the thread up next. I was thinking for this volume we can use chapter threads. But looking at the engagement for the last couple of weeks of volume 1, maybe we should go to volume threads already?

Please let me know what you guys prefer. I’ll set this first one up as chapter 4 of volume 2, but we might just change it to a volume thread depending on engagement.


My vote is for volume threads.


First and potentially only thread for volume 2 is up:


And here is the second (and last) part of chapter 4. I also changed the thread to be the thread for volume 2. Please let me know if you see I made a mistake somewhere, easy to do when copy pasting.


For vocabulary sheet users, I switched to a volume 2 sheet instead of per chapter for volume 2. Do note that the chapter 4 sheet still exists but is hidden (keeping it for a short while in case something went wrong when I copied stuff over), so please use the volume 2 sheet now. :slight_smile:


And now start chapter 5, we’re reading the whole thing (31 pages) this week:


New week is up. Reading chapter 6 this week.

I’m personally almost caught up, should be reading the chapter with you all this week, still have last week’s chapter, but considering how far behind I was, that is nothing. :joy:


Volume 3 stuff

Have a break between volume 2 and 3?
  • No break
  • One week
  • Two weeks
  • Other [comment below]
0 voters

Table of Contents of Volume 3

Chapter 8 - 12, 5 chapters, 156 pages, average chapter size is 31 pages
番外編 藤岡家の日常, 12 pages
はみだし劇場, 6 pages (no idea what this is, but it is part of Ouran)
Egoistic Club, 3 pages

Considering I thought I’d put together a suggested schedule following the same speed we are currently reading at, and it was easier than expected because this volume upgraded its page numbers to be at every break between content, aka also around each of the extra shorter things at the end. And I realized I missed some page numbers in volume 2. Because apparently every main chapter had a page number around the start/end of each chapter (except at the end of the last main chapter).

Anyway, here is the schedule at current speed, basically one chapter a week and all the extra bits the last week:

Start Date Chapter Page Numbers Page Count
Sep 23rd Chapter 8 5 - 34 30
Sep 30th Chapter 9 35 - 64 30
Oct 7th Chapter 10 66 - 98 33
Oct 14th Chapter 11 99 - 129 31
Oct 21st Chapter 12 131 - 160 30
Oct 28th 番外編 藤岡家の日常 + はみだし劇場 + Egoistic Club 163 - 183 21

Any missing pages between chapters are empty or just with small illustrations not connected to either chapter. There are also 2 pages between chapter 12 and the 番外編 with comments from the author, but I left those out of the scheduled page count.

At what speed should we read volume 3?
  • Per suggested schedule, ca 30/pages per week
  • Slower, half a chapter a week or similar
  • Faster, 2 chapters per week? [leave suggestions in comments if you prefer this]
  • Other [comment below]
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Ugh, just noticed I accidentally left the last poll anonymous. :sweat: Ah well, with votes it would be silly to fix it.


Chapter 7 is here:

I’ve closed the polls from last week. It seems we are going with the suggested schedule. I have one question though. For whoever voted on a slower pace, did any of you also vote for a longer break between volumes?

Because if any of you need 2 weeks between volume 2 and 3, I hope people wouldn’t be against making the break a little longer to help people keep/catch up.

Let me know! :smiley: For now we’re going for a one week break and ca 30 pages / week, in this case basically 1 chapter per week for volume 3.

PS. Let me know if I made any mistakes this week. I might have had a drink or two and suddenly had my plans for tomorrow changed so I couldn’t do book club updates then. Don’t drink and book club. :joy:


I voted for a slower pace. And I voted for a one or a two week break, because both would be okay for me. As for now I am still up to date with the book club and I think I can maintain this.
But I have to admit that 30 pages of this manga per week feels really tedious and I think I would enjoy it more if we would read with a slower pace.
Then again I am currently not sure whether I will continue reading after the second volume. This manga is kind of slice of life and once again I keep feeling that it is just not my cup of tea. I want to decide this spontaneously when the book club starts with volume 3. But because of that please don’t lay too much weight on my votes :see_no_evil:


It will become “less” slice of life eventually. Like there will be more overarching character development and changes. The anime goes to volume 8, but I’m not entirely sure where between volume 2-8 that will start showing up. Their backgrounds should start being developed at some point and that is when Ouran gets really good in my opinion. And I really hope the 10 volumes after the anime ends keeps building on that.


A lot of what you wrote reflects how I also feel, but there’s something I experience independently of the manga series that will probably also happen here: I just can’t read so many volumes of the same series in a row. It just kind of burns me out if I do that - even if I really enjoy the series. 2 or 3 volumes are ok (even though 2 or more weeks in between as a break would be nice) but I probably will need a longer (a few months) break by volume 4 or something - it’s just the way I roll :slight_smile: doesn’t mean I won’t return to it in the future or try to catch up though


I personally would prefer a longer break after volume 4 because I think that will correspond with the winter holidays when I am typically more busy. But that is a few months in the future still.

For what it is worth as a club leader leading this democratically, that is my hope. To probably break until after the new year after volume 4.